Ibiyemi – Do You Really See Me

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titles=Ibiyemi – Do You really See Me]

“I wonder can they see it in my eyes
All the feelings waging war inside
I try to walk away as my mind once more replays
The scene that’s trying so hard to steal my life
Is it something I did or didn’t do?
Was it somehow my fault or was it just you?
Who stole away my right to dignity and pride
Everyday I try so hard to hide

My pain, my heart
The shame, the scars
Do you see me?
Do you really see me?

When will I begin to live again?
It seems as if the pain will never end
All broken and bruised, confused and abused
Will the light ever shine again?
Violated body, heart and mind
How do I reclaim what was always mine?
No matter what it takes
Somehow I’ll find a way
I won’t let you steal my life away

I’m taking back my life (3times)”

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  • Shes say she tries so hard to hide the pain

    Trina July 28, 2014 5:55 pm

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