Ibiyemi – Don’t Leave Me

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Don’t Leave Me
Ololufe Mase seyi funmi
Duro Mailo
Don’t leave me
Titilaye Iwo lolufemi

Verse 1
When you walked in my life
I had a feeling you would be just right
When you made your move to me
I didn’t even need much convincing
But now you claim to be convinced
You have had enough, enough of me
It’s way too late in the day
To start making excuses and playing games

Verse 2
All the signs were there
Telling me your mission wasn’t clear
From the start, I just refused to see
That you weren’t really down with me
But that doesn’t mean that I’ll stand by
Open my eyes and watch you walk
Out the door, mess up my life
It won’t work
You’re leaving me without a choice
But to refuse to let this go
I won’t let this go

Don’t you leave me standing all alone
Come back to my arms where you belong
I, I can’t bear to see you go
‘Cos I love you so
Don’t go

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