Ice Prince – Somebody Lied

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titles=Ice Prince – somebody lied]

1, 2, 3
Somebody lied
E-Kelly on the beat
Somebody lied

Somebody lied
They tell me say the road to success was easy and smooth somebody lied
They tell me say everybody for Lagos dey chop good food mehn somebody lied
They tell me say its all good now I realize say somebody lied
Somebody lied oh

No be everything way dey glitter be gold
They made it sound cool when the story was told
Once upon a time I was chillin in my streets
Then I got a call they tell me say Lagos is the shit
Dropped outta school said I must go there
If na trek dem dey trek me I no care
Some people sit me down but I no send them
Shey na Lagos dem dey blow I go end there
I took that night bus because me I had hope
And back home I was tired of being bad broke
If na hunger we dey fight I go try cope
Me i go wash dem eye till nigger cry soap
Omo Lagos is calling
I hear say them get money mehn no dulling
Even if na mami water dey I go fall in
Cause where me I dey the rain has stopped falling

Somebody lied
They tell me since 99’ say light go plenty mehn somebody lied
They tell me say my people belle no go empty mehn somebody lied
They tell me say its all good now I realize say somebody lied
Somebody lied oh

They tell me 99’ say everything go nice
The cake is very big and omo you can have a bite
You put me in the office and then I will do you right
Omo you wont have to grind every day and night
And so we vote them they no promote us
We don dey facebook but them dey poke us
We try to hang in there but them dey choke us
Build house for sky and we dey live for low costs
Everyday for news its nothing new
Oil rich nation still we just dey queue
Them say we get money but mehn it’s a just a few
Omo boys still dey feed on rice with no stew
And after school school sef omo na housework
And you go go six feet if your mouth talk
Up till now some people dey sleep for outdoor
You know the rest I don’t need to talk am some more

Somebody lied
They tell me say you no go blow if you no be Yoruba mehn somebody lied
They tell me say you come from Jos and you no go go far mehn somebody lied
They tell me say my guy you no fit compete mehn somebody lied
Somebody lied oh

Oh you from J-town, omo forget rap
You don’t got a chance out there with your dead crap
You don’t even dress fly to begin with
You far from the rest
You aint a star with you English
You say you speak well, oh please nigger
In Lagos you cant compete with the G’s nigger
Your bank account gotta have a lot of six figures
You got a loud day, you gotta make it out with these figures
I aint tryna diss you its only true say
This no be mouth wash, I no be toothpaste
You cant fly there’s no Gucci in your suitcase
You wan stay in lagos omo in who’s place
Celebrity ko, celebrity ni
You way no fit pay your electricity fee
Better go school before you go become tout
Cause guy you no go blow even with bomb for your dumb mouth

Somebody lied (x 4)
Lie lie
Na so them dey lie lie(x3)
Lie Lie Lie Lie

Somebody lied

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  • nix flup i luv it wen u dudes it

    conscience July 15, 2012 4:48 am
  • ice de boss.,i heard ur cool rap,just keep it up

    function January 31, 2018 9:10 pm

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