ITP Itopa – Omojagba

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ha its your Boy ITP itopa
AKA Rap sailor, ITP itopa
aka too much AKA

omo ja gba, omo omo ja gba nie x2
moti bere moti moti brere oro re x2
moti bere moti motu moti bere orore

Verse 1
mo wish ko wa on street ko mo bo
shen lo
kini mole ja gba to mo fima live
on street tonba ri mi won ni
moa bi teaf
tawon sis tan ba ri mi won ni moda dabi
elo bere oro mi
oromi ho brief
mole dabi cheaf
omo emio teaf
on street esha no omo emi ho beef
emagbo gbo gbo flow me lyrics me
teaf lyrics mio beef last mix tape me
whon ni flow mi ho Hit
sugbon nisin yi etimo bio shenlo
eyin odo edide ejo ejalo
on street eshamo emobio shenlo
eyin te monmi emon biti
motinbo ede mon bimoshenbo
motide nisinyi emiyin afebo
eyin temi efun mi ni MIC
ejo ejenbo

omo ja gba, omo omo ja gba nie x2
moti bere moti moti brere oro re x2
moti bere moti motu moti bere orore

Verse 2

many things tatiyi on street tio yi
sugbo nisin yi emope orimi ho yi
bere jo to bagbo flow yi
farabale to banfill flow yi
eyin boi shetishatan lati jo
flow yi eyin babes ema fill flow yi
top 10 dawnload every body
No1 top chat Orin tasewon jo
on street campus Club side
wongbo Yanky UK
every body lonpe
won gbo ni
motide eyin boy e fill mi
eyin olote ejo e free me
dance Hall ton dull emope o
Frick me Canada malasyia
awon babes miss me
Hip hop get Dawn shewon
Kiss me

omo ja gba, omo omo ja gba nie x2
moti bere moti moti brere oro re x2
moti bere moti motu moti bere orore

Verse 3

any thing Tobashele won mansuspet me
on street wonman respect me
Awon sisi wonma respect me
Adelebo won man forstrate me
Denike oni koseni tole dabie mi
ay shap boy ofedabi emi
C Y loma decod me
awon boy ni titi won man inpress
me Baba loke loman protect me
ebamiwo moge to masatisfy me
mio feyi toma Critise mi
For now mio beff Media won
Critisice me
ani time toba rimi
pariwo JOO HO
pariwo jo jo ho X2

Chorus till Fade


born ITOPA DAVIS JEFFREY JACOB . in 1984 in Okene Kogi state. to Mr/Mrs Davis sabdat. he stated hip hop music in high school. then in 1992, That was when he did his first stage show in front of over one thousand(1,000) audience. sine then sky have been the nest level. Hip hop History. he stated singing at the age of 5 year. his Mother was a local musician in his hood back in the days. he record his first demo with his crew JA-KUL in 1998, the group later brake up after some yeas of unsuccessful. he later move on with his another group called LAZE- XY. they later brake up in year 2003.when they also recoded no song together. he later join another group Called Street solders in witch they recoded an album together under a label COSTAR RECORD in 2005.The company later brake up due to manipulation of of fiance in the company by the management. the group later brake up finally in 2007 when one of the member of the group sing for HEAD RECORD. then I T P itopa decided to move is carer forward by doing it alone. and he recorded his fist single for Asvon record that year as a solo artist and produce the video under the label as well, he his hopping to do more music with both Nigerian and international artist. now he as featured so many song and video, the Hope to Captured the World with His RAP Skills .


  • nice one brother

    nelson June 22, 2011 4:07 am
  • this lyrics is one of the best one ever

    nelson June 22, 2011 4:11 am
  • i knew you are going to be The best Lyricist we have in nigeria

    Enesi June 22, 2011 4:13 am
  • am proud of you. you are the best HIP HOP Artist

    Victoria June 22, 2011 4:14 am
  • no thing do you, i Hope you can do more collaboration with some other top Nigerian Artist

    Victoria June 22, 2011 4:17 am
  • Hip Hop lyrics like never before keep it up brother

    isabella June 22, 2011 4:24 am
  • ITP itopa i like your song and the lyrics is Gool

    Murphy June 22, 2011 4:27 am
  • sky its your Limit keep it up

    Abell June 22, 2011 4:30 am

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