J-Tina – ABC Luv

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titles=j-tina classic-ABC LUV]

Ohh ehh ohhi
Danni Boi on the beat yeh
Ehh Ehh eeh
Yea eeh alright
I never felt this way before
Eeh eeh eeh
I m gonna try to explain this

Like ABC and 123
Na so we go dey
(Na so we go dey)
Like ABC and 123
Our love go just dey go
(Na so we go go)

His charms is of a prince
And my heart is on a race
Na this feelings wey dey give me a hard tine to thinking
I am not ashamed to
Show you what I believe in
Love is a thin thing
You cut it off you loose it
I cuddle up this music to put you in my fantasy
Hoping when I dream e go turn to reality
Yes! I am a lady
And am tripping over the same thing
And am wondering why am falling over and over the same way
Love that I hated
And now it comes to take me
Forcing me to embrace it
And maybe its cos you blaze it
Came into my heart and you changed my orientation
Of what love truly is when you find your truly king.


His got me tripping and hey
I think am going insane
And I don’t mean your craze
Cos all I need is him
He dey make me scream
at the top of my lungs
From my bones to my skulls
Straight in down to my heart
And in down to my legs
This no be juju here
He’s amusing men
When He moved and he said
That am an Angel sent forth from to Him
Yes its simple yes
Cos that is what you get
When you fall in love
Like the ocean deep
And a touch of the water
Will spread the rip
And I spread my wings and took a flight with him
Yeh! Eh, I took a flight with him.


Never thought I could feel this way
But now I have tried to explain this
In a simple, simple
Huh, ABC way
Tony Young in the building
Danni Boi in the building
J-tina, IMP


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