Jodie – Kuchi Kuchi (Oh Baby)


oh baby(3x)
when wake up wake up in the morning
i see your lovely face
your cheeks like butter honey from attica
you take my breath away
your pretty little fingers so tender like petals from the morning bloom
your laughter,a joy to remember heaven has blesssed me with you
the very day you came to me
my hole life became brand new eh eh
because of you eh eh
oh baby,oh baby
i see me in your eyes
oh baby,oh baby
i see love in your smile
you tell me kuchi kuchi ah
i understand
you tell me kuchi kuchi ah
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  1. angela says:
    2014-07-23 06:17:29
    kuchi kuchi

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oh baby, oh baby
kuchi kuchi ahhh
oh baby,oh baby
kuchi kuchi ahhh
oh baby,my baby
kuchi kuchi ahhh
oh baby,pretty baby
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    verse 2
    in the middle of the night
    i wake up
    when i hear you cry
    it seems something binds us together
    i can hardly live a moment without you eh eh
    because of you eh eh
    oh baby,oh baby
    i see me in your eyes
    oh baby,oh baby
    i see love in your smile
    you tell me kuchi kuchi ah
    i understand
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      oh baby, oh baby
      kuchi kuchi ahhh
      oh baby,oh baby
      kuchi kuchi ahhh
      oh baby,my baby
      kuchi kuchi ahhh
      oh baby,pretty baby
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        you make me cry
        laughter is not enough
        i see true beauty because i see you Add or View Explanation [Show/Hide]

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            204 Responses

            1. Thanks 2 Bukie I cn nw sing n undastnd wat am singing.

            2. D music is ok 4 me

            3. I love that your song, keep it up

            4. That's a lovely song i dedicated d song 4 my husband ring back tone jodie i luv u so much

            5. D song is ok n luvly.Jodie kip it up."supernatural"i luv dat place.

            6. I love dis song…..its lovely

            7. I luv this song

            8. Best song so far,after asa jailer.too nice song 4 dedicated 4 children

            9. Oh wat a nice song i dedicated de song 4 mi boyfrd ringback tone,kept it up

            10. I luv dis song, it maks me feel lik crying wen ever i hear it " i c me in ur eyes n i c luv in ur smile " i luv dat place

            11. Jodie, u deserve an award. I can't than u enough for breathing life into mother and child relationship,

              especially in an era where sex, money and blablabla has constitute lyrics of niger musicians. Yours is oustandingly diferent and i love it. Thumbs up to u! U too much!

            12. I'm so inlove with this song.i love that part that says u take m breath away.thank u jodie

            13. I use 2 tink dis song waz a luv secular sng as usual,now i knw beta tru d lyrics.

            14. o wht a luvli song Jodie. Each tym i listn 2 dis veri track of Jodie i Rmemba my late mum, lyk she wl also say 2 me, ur smile givs mi joy nd peace of mind. I luv dis veri line of d song. Ur laughter, a joy 2 Rmemba heaven has blessed mi wit u. JODIE I LUV SO SO MUCH. Kuchi Kuchi

            15. Oh wat a 1daful song. I love d song most especially in dat part dat say "i c love in ur smile". Keep it up

            16. BUKKY, THANX 4 D GUD WORK. KEEP UP

            17. jodie.l love ur song, you have a nice.

            18. Tanz so much coz i jst loggd in 2 get d lyrics n im so hapi. Tanz n i luv u.

            19. Nice voice, lovely lyrics and good instrumentalist. I dedicated d song to my girlfriend and gave it to her as her ringing tone. Keep it up, i see love in ur eyes. Kuchi kuchi.

            20. I luv dis song so much. Kip it up baby.

            21. Thank u jodie i love ur music

            22. I’m dedicating this song to my lovely husband right away! Thanks so much Jodie!!!

            23. Thks so much jodie 4 d music, i really luv every part of it. espeacially d lyrics dat says, i see me in eyes…….i see luv in ur smile.. It makes me feel luved by som1 every speacial…..

            24. i so much luv dis song wit passion and i luv d part dat says i see me in ur eye and i see luv in ur smile jordie i luv ur music u are

              d best

            25. Jodie u r d best. I lov d song. I wanna marry u so dat we go sing am 2gether on our wedding day. Tnx dia. Hmmmwah

            26. Oh I love this song n it’s actually ♍¥ ringtone, It’s so touching n makes sense. Now that I hv d lyrics*tanx †• Bukie* I can sing along n enjoy it more. Nice song, great lyrics, ‘it seems something binds us together-supernatural’ ♍¥ best part. Tanx Jodie 4 this wonderful song, Kudos Bukie. Kuchi kuchi aah

            27. I luv dis song, it maks me feel luv..i dedicated de song to my darling husband nd as his ringing tone, Jordie ur da bomb!

            28. Your song is so lovely, especially the solo, continue with that. Luv u

            29. Ur music is really cool, just keep it up.

            30. Bst naija music eva.luv d sng dearly

            31. d song jst makes d world go round 4 me. Nyc 1 jodie. At least i cn lv my unborn children more dan i wntd

            32. Every time i listen to this song, it soften my heart the more. Its cool Jodie, keep it up.

            33. J-ODIE dis is my lovly song,i love it so mush, am praying 4 u dat more abondance in jesus name.

            34. I don't think I will stop loving this song in a long time.

            35. I realy luv this 1daful song, What a nice song, keep it up Jodie

            36. i love this song

            37. wondaful song u have here jodie, keep it up dear

            38. Thanks Jodie for this beautiful song. The songs reminds of my cutie (my little baby girl) back home when I’m here in the office. She loves the song alot and dances crazy whenever i play it from my phone.

              Bukky thanks for bringing up the lyrics here.

            39. I so much lv u jodie.d part”wen i wake up,i c ur lvly faze “nd also u make cry laughter is nt enof.meee,u u more

            40. Thanks bukky for the lyrics. I’m going to dance the song on my wedding day. Its the ringtone I assigned to my baby. The song is very emotional. I will dedicate it to my baby on my day. Something binds us together supernatural. Joddie love, God will continue to inspire you.

            41. This is splendid,i love this song it reminds me of my mum, her motherly love and care.keep it up dear

            42. Hmnnnnnn wow i luv D song. Jodie u r a bomb pls kp it up luv ya

            43. nice…love the part ‘SUPERNATURAL’

            44. what’s the meaning of kuchi kuchi yaaaaa? Hush, the first time i heard the half version of this song over the radio (radio benue mkd) i was unable to sleep 2ru out the nyt for i was full of imeasurable joy. U rly saved a soul. More grs to ur elbow

            45. I love this song

            46. This girl Jodie is fantastic. She restored my faith in the Nigerian music industry. I'll get her to do a duet with our star Moore Black Chi Mmadike who plays in Australia one day soon.

            47. Tnks a lot,ur music is so encouraging especially 2 d youth,keep it up

            48. oh baby oh baby my god this song z nice

            49. Wonderful song, i’ve been playing Ȋ̝̊̅† over and over and I’m not tired of Ȋ̝̊̅†.  celebrate u Jodie. Fantastic!!!

            50. Bt wat is kuchi kuchi yaaah? Make we atleast knw wetin we dey sing

            51. Dis song really, is a wonderful tool dat merges two birds togrther, especially mother and child. The word ‘Supernatural’ makes it Unique. My mum loves the song, though can’t sing it. I sing it for her. Lov u Jodie, dat’s wot i’ll cal u. U ar endowed.

            52. kuchi ktchi mean ‘something’ it’s indian language. d song worth listening 2 over n over again

            53. I love this song, its eva green. Just like christy essien’s ‘omo mi seun rere’

              keep it up. you voice! sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

            54. Jodie i like to tell you thanks for putting this song together, this song bring joy and happiness to my life, when ever i lonely i play this song n it make me happy. so jodie keep it up. luv da

            55. d song gives me extra joy anytime I listen 2 it .especially d one dt say in d middle of d nite I wake ……………

            56. thanks a millon Jodie for this so touching music.
              it is already assign to my sweetheart ringing tone.

            57. Wonderful song.I play ds song everday

            58. Jodie ur music is wonderful.i do sing the song 2geda with my is realy supernatural

            59. The part like most is "I see me in your eyes"…. O Jodie kuchi-kuchi! and God bless you!

            60. this is poetic and lovely . i admire this

            61. Meahn ds is touching i neva undastod it d way i jst did(moda n child relatnshp) initially i tot it was a song 4 luvas until now. U r realy gud kip up

            62. Jodie u’re indeed creative.ur song actually reminds me how happy my late mum will be any day i came home to visit her.child and mother relationship is supernatural.i luv u jodie

            63. Jodie i lyk dat place, u make me cry

              laughter ix nt enough

              i c true beauty bcos i c


            64. Nice song jodie keep it up i love u, i love ur song nice lyrics kuchi kuchi

            65. Now I understand, she singing for her child. but it’s a very lovely song.

            66. 8 so luvly that i set 8 as my ringing tone. wenever my phone rings, 8 reminds me of some great moment. Thanks Jodie 4 that song. Keep 8 up…

            67. When ever i hear this song i remember my trip to Pujehun, Sierra Leone where i first heard it making noise in ever corner of the township. It’s so nice

            68. This song z xo nyc…I cnt stp listening 2 it….d song is 4a child.. Kuchi Kuchi ahhh in d song is a language dt only little kids can understand,so guys listen 2 d song nd d lyrics carefully,u’ll understand wat Kuchi Kuchi ahhh means,mothers who has children tht r nt yet able 2 tlk will understand better….More greeze 2 ur elbow JODIE,LUV YA

            69. Oh judie, thanks for making music look simple. The lyrics of the song is as simple n sweet as d voice dat breath it. d song is touchin, u were really careful selecting your words. with dis song, i dont need any other word to express my true feelings for my love. Thanks with a special kiss. I love u. Sal G Rad

            70. Wat a wonda4l song i realy realy luv it keepit up * thumb up jodie*

            71. You guys kept embracing Jodie for the song…how about the site owner who made it possible for y'all to get the lyrics right here, even free of charge. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

            72. From i heard this song i cannot stop linten to it, i play it daily and repeat it over and over at least 10 times each time i play it, it’s a really amazing song one of the best songs ever to be made, this girl j’odie is fantástic. Keep it up Oh baby Oh baby

            73. I luv luv luv this soon I can,t seem to get enough of it….

            74. A song with a well tonic voice, i love the music it make me to improve my love. Jodie put more effort infact you are the best of all.

            75. A well done work, 100% good.

            76. i dont know how many times l listen to this song aday, its very beautiful

            77. this song is fantabulous, both audio en video….. cant wait to have my kuchi kuchi soon :)

            78. Ah dat‘s luvly. I dedicate dis song 2 my swt hrt Bilha

            79. am so in love with this song
              thanks to u Jodie

            80. Waw this song is playing in Sierra Leone like it was done there. I love you Jodie. Your song is wonderful. Thanks Bukky for the lyrics

            81. this song makes me wanna hug my…unfortunately she is far away in nigeria while i'm in the US

            82. for my new born baby

            83. Keep it up. Inspire the world.


            85. tanks 4 dat songs lyrics. I reali appric8 it. Tankx n God bless Naijapalslyrics

            86. so interesting makes my days enjoyable

            87. This is what we call real talent i can wait to see Jodie. I always keep repeating the same song time and time again and i don't get tired of the song. Please make sure you come to Uganda soon.

            88. I dedicate this song to the love of ma life(my son-Juneid Idris)

            89. This is nice music. The song has just become popular in Uganda. I blv she will visit us soon. we love music

            90. J’odie,dat was a heart-touchin 1.and 2 u Bukie,nice lyrics,keep it up.

            91. woow woow d song iz so fabulous

            92. I‘m in luv with dis song, i kept on listening to it over n over without getting tired. Ah i lv u Judie, hw i wish u should still give us a powerful gospel song

            93. the most meaningful and inspirational song ever done in nigeria muzik industry.jodie u re d bomb.lukin to havin anoda fantabulous one frm u. luv u

            94. jst like dis song…its a love song not a sad song i tell u

            95. Waoooow! Girl, ur words are tight and well selected, they are inspirational and touching, i love this line; You tell me kuchi kuchi, ahhhhh
              i understand. Nice song, nice voice, nice words. Kudos gal. I love u jodie!

            96. i love this sg

            97. I love dis song…..more u……

            98. I am happy, that finally i can understand what i love most


            100. Kuchi kuchi z a very niz music

            101. Kuchi kuchi z a very 9ice song

            102. People u know music

            103. Awesome.. cant get enough of this

            104. very nice fantastic song

            105. (Saintowoblow)……its easy to sing….easy lyrics….good song…jodie i cherich u…but come and sing for us in eksu campus,Gbua!

            106. Im in love with this song, I dont have a baby yet but it makes me feel like having one ASAP… i heard it or the first time from my boyfriend’s music collection n I loved it-it made me fall in love with him even more-thanx Jodie

            107. this song makes me to really want my own baby. thanx Jodie bcoz of you am gonna respect my body so that i get such a precious blessing from heaven

              n get a chance to have one of my own flesh and blood. me love the song so very much

            108. Nice song. Big up your self jodie! Wow….

            109. wow,ths song is just mwaaaaaaaaaa

            110. This song is supernatural the sweetness in this song also supernatural

            111. This song is so sweet and its sweetness is supernatural…….

            112. thank you 4 dat lovely song, u make 2 find my ture love i use ur song. Love u kuchi kuchi.

            113. I love the song. It makes me want to have my own baby

            114. i love the song.

            115. i love the song. “supernatural”most


              WE love it soon!!

              i dedicate it to my love CARINE ALBA and to my sisters:isabelle, ALICE,. . .

              I dedicate it to my love CARINE ALBA and to my sisters: isabelle, alice…

            118. I really love its really kul

            119. we luv ur song especilly ca lyrics so touching

            120. The song is a True inspiration.. Dedicated to me by a friend, i just smile to it remembaring her… Thanks Jodie 4 this Great Music….

            121. Amazing, and Lovely song. you have a strong voice Jodie!

              like your name, your song brings joy to my life.! thank u indeed darling. may God bless you with MORE n MORE. my thanks also goes to Naija team for da nice Lyrics, Now a can sing da song because of ur Help guys. tnx

            122. good job baby

            123. d song is super sweet, touching, well organized, can’t just express exactly how it makes me feel, oh its great, what a tallent u’ve got. please Jodie do another video full of babies n Mumies. I play it for my last son always cos I discovered it makes him to stop crying n i know he feels me in d song. I just luv it.

              Big thanks to u bukie n your crew, bcos of u I can now sing it to my babies

            124. this song is the best , i like a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

            125. JODIE I LUV SO SO MUCH. Kuchi Kuchi

            126. Jordie u’re da best in african music thx i lov u so much

            127. i love this song. it's a hearing song

            128. gryt voyc, gryt song, gryt lyrics, gryt mssg……….. luv u j'odie

            129. divina la cancion hay dedicarla a todos los hijos del mundo

            130. I luv dis song xo much cuz i was given a dedication by my luvly grlfrind regna! I luv her so much and when i hear dis song i feel much better!

            131. Am Zambian and love this song, kindly let me know what Kuchi Kuchi mean.

            132. love much dis song so gud

              much respct to judie

              by denniz gudboy


            133. love this track so much…. It always push my emotions of love to another level….. I love my mum so much… And Jodie i will love to see you performing this music live in Ghana

            134. THUS A 100% SWEETY SONG, I LOVE IT.

            135. I lov de song! so nyc… feel lyk crying wen I listen! a du nah get tired of it… ts my ringtone! ooh baby.. oohh baby!


            137. This is the best song have ever heard a mother dedicate to a child

            138. i dedicate dis song 2 my lovely mamy….. Much respect to u jodie

            139. I realy like da song cause of it’s beatfully

              .All in Tanzania we enjoy da song

            140. baby ur song is naturally unbelievable

            141. i dedicate this song 2 all member of msange jkt intake 2

            142. i love this song congratulations

            143. Guda guda jodie nice song ma dada

            144. love the song dedicated to all lovely girls in the world not forgeting jodie

            145. I love this song…

            146. this song is damn good,i r

              eally like it

            147. its among very african song with good words and this song i can put in level of african quen of idibia,you realy deserve congrats and bonch of craps from the world oh baby its nice song that i will alway listen thanx jodie

            148. OMG…..xo fantastic! haters die

            149. every time i hear this song i feel like crying it remind me of wonderful moment with my late gf it used to be her ringtone . .oh i love this song . .all the way 4rom tanzania (EA)

            150. The song is so hot thanks da lot and welcome in East africa

              follow me


            151. realy lv this song….!!!!!!

            152. gooooood xong

            153. Jodie you are the best in Nigeria. Each time I play this music I get lost emotionaly, tears keep runing from my eyes down my cheeks

              Infact I feel like seeking your hand in marriage. You’re a darling indeed. 4rm More power to elbow Jodie

            154. It's a beautiful song i like it #jodie well done

            155. Jodie u’r superwoman I like it ”kuchi kuchi”…..I would lyk diz song to go 2 ma fiance Coz lyn

            156. you can,….. ur intelligent like u……

            157. Iam Kim from Tanzania i like ur music Jodie u make me happy and i had to put on my ringtone 'my baby, pretty baby' TISHAAA.

            158. i lov de song tz vr beurtifull

            159. I love the song,its so lovely n so connecting!it was dedicated 2me from my sweetie luv,M.SHAIBU,keep it up juddie!

            160. i cant wait ……………………..

            161. Nyimbo iko bomba sana, na movie imetulia sana mamii…. Da song its so hot and awesome Judie… Kp it up luv

            162. hi…….i it amazing hw nyc such a song z!!!!!!!!! lyk dat song indeed! n i dedicate t direct 2 sm1 special in ma lyf ma baby,sweetbaby….dennis ma love heaven has blessed me with u!

            163. This’s really gud….nice voice, just luv it wahh!!. Nice work Jodie!

            164. Oh its nice song.i can sing &understand hw it flows.

            165. Oh its nice song.i can sing it nw.

            166. dis song z fantastic n unique, i jus can say dat thrz smthn new in d song….:-D I C ME IN D SONG wel done JOD

            167. I love ur song becus it show how mothers take care of child

            168. Very lovely song.. I keep t 4 my son every mornn wen he weks i feel so proud hvn hm

            169. i love dis song very much, n expecialy the great voice frm u Jodie u the greatest singer

            170. i feel like cryin i love this song for sure love exists

            171. Enter text right here!t
              thank u 4 the lyrics its a very beautiful song

            172. What a sweet sweet song!!!! It’s so lovely and my 8 months’ baby loves it so so much when I sing it he sleeps quitely and listens…….ooh thanks Jody for your creation…..

            173. If anyone in this World hates this song, then, that person is not complete on his/her mind, he/she must be insane, the first time I came across with it , I fell in love with it on the spot, lovely song Jodie, keep it up !

            174. wooow wht a lovely song , I like it so mch kip it up gal

            175. its a song that reflects my life.. :) im so loving it… keep up the good Work…

            176. It's so amazing…

            177. jodie thanks 4 ua special song, hey i luv it

            178. This song drives me crazy whenever i hear it, it is also my brother’s favorite song.When it is being played, it gets everyone moving while shaking their heads.

            179. Am inlove with this song I remember the first tym i got to listen i felt nice
              I whatssaped the same evening to my girlfriend(Vane)
              She listen to it even she never replied my nyt call
              Waking up in morning i found her in my compound we entered my house directly to my room n she pulld her clothes n we made love
              After the love she told me its because of Kuchi kuchi song
              Am a bongo musician #mjayblessing
              Tanks Jodie

            180. Jodie,ur song is pretty n touching.I luv it coz it always give me a smile on my face.

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