Lyrics: Johnbosco – Call Ma Name ft. Gdeeque

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He’s your boy JOHNBOSCO,
who la la hun hun hun hunnnnnn…

I’m feeling toxicating when you call ma name,
I’m feeling toxicating when you call ma name,
Mo n gbo e,
mo n gbo e,
pemi loruko mi,
mo n gbo e,
mo n gbo e,
pemi hey hey.

VERSE 1 (Johnbosco):
Pemi loruko mi,
call my name,
i have step up to the floor,
if u know me call my name,
did you know me?
Emi ni won so,
they call me Johnbosco Swagger boy,
cos i have so much swagger,
when you see me holla at me,
all the pretty ladies call my name,
all the gentle guy call me,
this my time to reign,
this my time to shine,
i have step up my game,
jah is by my side,
anywhere i go, then they call me,
they wanna know me, they wanna hear me singing,
i thank God hey hey,
am feeling toxicating.

(Repeat Chorus)

VERSE 2 (Gdeeque)
let me tell you how things really goes,
it has never being easy,
but it hard like golder,
glitter and shining thing is gonna be,
do you thing say it’s easy?
Better bockle, bockle things now,
never size to delay,
omo press to replay,
am the real thing,
better than you thing off,
you can’t test me,
neither can you force me,
you feel my thirst,
never mind leave the rest to rest well,
you’ve got to pay, if you really wanna stay,
you want to play?
Common better leave the fucking stage joor,
am the “G” boy,
never take liquor,
you feel ma vibes,
you just can’t really get the hype (Johnbosco),
roll like tom boy, shaking that your bom bom,
which your mama gave me,
like you just dont care now,
i bow ma koko for those in the top,
i check 1, 2, 1, 2 on the M.I.C,
if you really feel ma vibe and you thing am nice,
let me see your hands up say say say HOLLA.

(Repeat Chorus)

VERSE 3 (Johnbosco)
Back in the day’s my friends call me small boy,
but now they call me big boy,
cos baba God has lift me up,
i will keep going,
i will never never come down,
people like calling my name,
that girl they call me call me,
i know she they feel me feel me,
everybody leme leme see you calling my name,
i know you feel me,
i know you like me,
anywhere i go then they shout my name oh oh oh,
oluwa ti gbe mi ga,
from grass to grace (he life me up)
from grass to grace (he lift me higher)
anywhere i waka they call me celebrity heyyyyyyy.


(Repeat Chorus) (x2)

Johnbosco a.k.a JB a.k.a Swagger boy,
Jude Okoye thanks for the beat.
Thryce’s Records,
Johnbosco and Gdeeque in the building
Hun hun hunnnnn
Johnbosco sco sco sco,
hun hunnnn hun hun hunnnnnn JOHNBOSCO

· · ·

Johnson Oluwadamilola Ademola popularly known as Johnbosco, in which the name Johnbosco was given to him by his tight friend, he kicked up his music career from his early age, hail from Oyan osun state, born and grew up in ilorin kwara state Nigeria in 90's.... He started his music career from his childhood as a Gospel singer but finally go into music industry fully as an RnB, Pop, Afro Pop singer in April 2010. He drop two Demo singles Tittled: MY FIRST GIRL and CALL MA NAME ft Gdeeque early 2011 for his fanz, which is banging the internet and street, Johnbosco will be coming out with his first ever album very soon Tittled "STAR BOY" so WATCH OUT...... In his music style and the way he do his things people called him Nigeria JB, Jay boy, Lover boy, Star boy, Swagger boy. This young talented Nigeria and Africa artist prefer to be seeing him as your best friend and his looking forward and dreaming that one day thy world will know him. PRAAAAAAA..


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