Jolly Jay – If You Believe ft. Sky One

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Submitted by Jolly Jay


Jolly jay menh waiting for this for so long menh yeah sky

You dont need to hold on where you dey
You just need to move on from where you dey
God send you even no one to care.tell me
If you believe 3x

(Repeat Chorus)2x

You say my flow to slow how i go grow?
when things hard like goslow how i go blow?

Lasgidi you know koba  agidi take it slow slow
this flow go make you kolo shout babo

This na my game no wayo olofofo want you
borrow borrow feel the parol soon burn all this oyinbo
niggers rappers like ororo my flow make you high like ogogoro

Hustling like jaki all day ajepako making more noise than
kakaaki me struggling no sleeping believing no grieving
my song solid like agege bread in your thong

On long run this song is the fillings of the healings
to the willing no killings just chilling with the pain in my vain
they all gone like zain no pain no gain

wetin you dey fing go sokoto dey your shokoto
from aba to alaba my samba to give me raba all
my palaver go forever..

(Repeat Chorus) 2x

If no struggle no progress nobody stand my road to
success not all this enemies of progress

This long time coming I don tire to be coming
to bar pe be epe busstop dont give up fall off and
get back up if you flop

I spit metaphor no juju sharp with the flow no mumu
cuz so am maximum like kirikiri
my raps in mouth like beriberi my flow so brilliant
next to guru menh am so allian

(Repeat Chorus) 2x

Skyone  verse
Make you put me on floor me go rise again
no matter what they do me no dey feel the pain
set me on fire god send down the rain

them want to see me enter scatter
like gun shot in the air i dey try to concentrate
enemies want to underrate them want to see me begging
plz before me come inside gate

but me go stand rise all night anything they do he go

(Repeat Chorus) 2x

yeah jolly jay along side skyone
na so we dey do am oh
we no fit do pass our self you know
yeah yeah yeah.

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  • Nice Niger flavor song

    james brown December 5, 2011 6:57 am

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