K. Rimez – Bars 4 Days

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titles=Bars 4 Days – K.Rimez]

Cheah One take… No waste time abeg
On some real shit man all my real niggaz out there wey dey rap
Some classics out there you know niggaz aint even supposed to fuck with em
On some real shit but as a stubborn guy
Mr No Time 4 The Time like a moving train… Whatever that means..
Time to get busy… Busy

So I… got through, with my mac 4 plus 4 plus 2
To stop you, all your dumb moves
Then burst you when I come through
And confront you with this lyrical kung fu
Emcees too dey lie…
Niggaz is on some invincible hustle
I’m tryna lift the weight I no want 4 my shoulder
And this unreasonable muscle
I aint even gonna lie this na freeable hustle
Guy; Buckle! Why? Fuck you! And belt buckle
Your music’s wack and we still dont love you
Unto to the talk 4 the jungle wey u dey struggle
To gel with, who tells it how i tell it
Or how I profess it? You no go get it
Na like 400 for Jamb bruv you no go get it
I get on a beat and ex point o deck it
Eff it we’re fighting to stay alive
While niggaz dey go on dead trips
Fam I got something to deliver tomorrow
Its either you accept it or i’ll hit the exit…
I dey roll another ‘Li’ by the waterside
Thinking of another rhyme
You wan use my mic? Not tonight! Another time
I’m on some other grind
Only about serenity word to my nigga Shy’ (Shyo Baba)
When it comes to blasting lyrics I aint trigger shy
Kick my rhymes Heard there’s another nigga Rhymes
Well this one na Killah Rimez
I’ve been waiting to spray all day…
Who dey doubt Killah Rimez?
Niggaz is see through from both sides like the figure five
Our styles aint identical we dont spit alike
But niggaz dont hear me though…
Do you reckon I need a bigger mic?
I pledge allegiance to the shit I write
Shit i’m nice for the right price I go write nice
I go add spice to the dry fried rice
Niggaz dey cook for booth
You either fuck with my movement or move
Your PAPA, I Say Your PAPA
If you think small boy never improve


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