Kidpresh – Omoge

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It’s a Friday
Came back from work so late
I say make I enter the kitchen fix me a hot plate
Then my phone buzz
My padi say make we go club
Make we party through the night before the sun comes up
I noticed this clean girl
She’s fresh from head to toe
She dey whyne am well
She con dey make my head kolo

Wetin man go do?
This one be like juju
This belly dancer girl don turn me into big mumu

I dey feel the way
you whyne am just dey whyne oh whyne
I dey feel your sylee just whyne oh whyne
Make we go go go (Omoge)
Make we go go go (Omoge)
Cos you know say I rock this show show show
Make we go go go oh

This girl she gbadun me
That’s why she wanna do me
She say make I do am like say na high school movie
But this girl she no know say me I be sharp guys
And I wanna take am easy easy like I be bad guys
Let’s jerk to the floor
You show me what you got
Break dance, alanta, makossa or creepwalk
Jupa for me
Tile shake your body
This one go become tempted to see


It’s your little fresh boy Kidpresh
Letting you know that it’s time for me to impress
I wanna dance dance all night dance all night
I wan’ dance till the break of dawn


Tile whyne (5x)
Tile sing eh


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