Lyrics: Koboko Tha ChiefWhip – Addicted To Music

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Addicted to music
I just cant get enough
cant do without music,
when am down it lifts me up
It blows my mind
music lifts me up it blows my mind

(Verse 1)
Music helps control my mind so I never lose it,
and if I ever get sad,
music amuse me
music is food for the soul
infuse it dont refuse it
its been proven
so take this music and use it
music is my first luv
she never broke my heart
been together every weather we’ve never been apart
music & me lyk bread and butter right from the very start
music made me a star now am shinnin bright in the dark
Am grown now but I cant stop reminiscin
as a kid I love to listen to the mornin birds singin and chirpin
always wishin to be a good musician
to someday make good music became my mission
as time passes I started makin sacrifices
I even practice my rap verses during classes
many whip lashes by my teacher
punishment was drastic
even my daddy once burnt my rhyme book to ashes
I couldn’t be stopped I went on without his support
cos am addicted even overdose is never enough
F the rehab music cleanse me
its my detox
music makes me high so why the f should I do drugs cus


(Verse 2)
music made me look insane
now its givin me fame,
my toes to my brain
its the blood flowin in my vein
I luv music my best toy is my radio
better be warned dont ever touch my radio
Wheneva am sad
sweet melody be the remedy
helps me to meditate and refresh my memory
she is a friend of me
yet a friend of my enemy
it brings harmony
not a thing to do wit felony
music is universal, its amazin, its an art, culture, refreshment, entertainment
when am down and need a lift
music is my elevator
God, family music comes after (ah)
I dont care the style of music just turn the volume up
afrobeat, raggae music, RnB, soul or rock, country, pop, fuji, macossa, jazz and Hiphop
Am singin for the fun its okay if the money comes
Music runs in my vein
the flow is never stagnant
maybe music was playin when my mummy got pregnant
cos 9months later
out came this music machine
no seperation technique can take music from me for real

Pls dont touch my radio(if u try I fit kpai person)
music don scatter my head o (chai)
unugu gbum madu eh
music done blow my mind o…o o o oh no
I don kolo for my brain o.
I don kolo o X2
music don scatter my head o o I don de mad o.o o o o
some people say I don turn to psycho
If em like make em flog Koboko
but wil I eva stop music? Hell no
am tha chief tha chiefwhip incase u dont know

(Chorus in background)

dont know u dont know
am tha chief tha chiefwhip incase u dont know o o o am tha chief tha chiefwhip incase u dont know

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