Koboko tha Chiefwhip – Ojoro

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Whats up naija X2
ya dis na de remix o o o(koboko tha chiefwhip)
ey dis na de remix o o o(Mr Johnicks on the mix)
check this out men, oh yeah

Verse 1
Let me tell u a story about this chick that I used to run things wit
looks like a model, shaped like a coke bottle and she got a whole lot of hip
shawty is a dine, shawty is fine yeah this shawty is mine
thats what she got me thinkin while she was cheatin wit them other guys
I gave my baby too much luvin now am sittin on a longthin
other guys de do her sumthin
she just de use me for frontin
am not a small baby so better stop playin ini mini maini mo
tellin me u luv me while the other homies keep taking u home

she de play me play me play me Ojoro
she de do me do me do me Wayo
she de play me play me play me ojoro but now I don shine my eye, my eye
my papa tell me say u go play me ojoro
my mama tell me say u go do me Wayo my friends de warn me say u go do me ojoro
I think say na lie dem de lie, lie

Verse 2

The other day u say u de go mama house
but na another place u just de waka about
I saw u and my best friend chillin together, kissin together I know u did it together (what this is breakin my heart now)
my number one baby why did u play me I thought u’ll be my wife
the times we shared promises we made like me and u together for life
gave u my heart but u broke it all about the question that am askin is why why

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
First time I caught u cheatin I was like Oh God
cos I couldnt believe for a minute that u’ll ever give it up
U got undercovers and so many others I didnt know about
our luv don change got twists and turns like a round about
all over Maktown u de run things u de change men
say make I calm down dem be ur uncle u no de date dem
while u were playin shady I got a new baby
now its driving u crazy, played me now ur heart is breakin

Ojoro ey (haha) ojoro ey (yes)
wayo ey (haha) wayo ey (ele)
ojoro eye (ehen) ojoro ey (no mercy)
wayo ey (ehen) ashawo ey make u carry de go ey
Na so na, Pack ur load and go men ya ehen na so.

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