KSoul – 4 Mins

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titles=4 minutes – ksoul]

Turn me up a lil bit
make i yarn with these people for 4 mins

Verse 1
I may be an Ondo boy but my best friend’s from Maiguguri ( no be lie)
He may be from calabar, she may be from ughelli
It don’t matter where u’re from
what matters is who u are
he may be from kaduna, she may be from delta
wetin i know be say we from naija anyway
i dey tire for una ooo
today we day fight for jos
tomorrow na delta
e no matter which tribe u from oooo
wetin dey na to respect each other
just stop

let me talk to u for 4mins (4times)
she used to be ur sister
he used to be ur brother
let me talk to u for 4min (2times)

Verse two
Holy book tells us to
love thy neighbor as urself
he may be a christian
she may be muslim
Jehovah, Allah same na ni
no matter wetin u day do
to ur brother just stay true
the beauty of Nigeria is our strength in our diversity

make i yarn with u for 4mins( 4times)
he used to be ur father
she used to be ur mother
make i yarn with u for 4 mins(2times)
just stop the killing , stop the violence
it don’t make any sense


Just stop the killing , stop the violence it don’t make any sense(5times)
Just stop( 4times)
it don’t make any sense.


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  • i am feeling this dude …his vocals are so on point and he is delivering a msg to all of us…his talent is being put to good use…i have heard a couple of songs and yet this one stands out..on point and appropriate delivery

    dayo lucas January 30, 2012 6:00 am
  • wow..i wish there were more artistes like him…he is a very talented singer..hard to believe he is Nigerian

    tonia davies January 30, 2012 6:07 am

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