Kurio – Holes in My Heart

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Submitted by Kurio

(Kume ain’t crazy for this one)
Ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah baby
(I’ve been searching for this peace of mind for a long time)
Oooh yeah!

Verse 1 (Doray)

I ..I… I
I hate it when you leave
My baby cos this feeling that you are not with me makes me crazy
I’m going for this cheese
And so many times I wish my baby would come with me
Slowly my heart bleeds
When I think of all the blessings that your presence brings to me
Girl my whole world is sinking
Your body keeps calling for me
I’m missing my baby
I feel holes in my heart when you leave ‘cuz aah you ttad and aaargh
I always wanna be by your side

Chorus (Kurio)
I feel holes in my heart anytime you go
Mere thoughts of you leaving dey make me dey shiiiver
(eh) you own my heart so why make it ache
We swore we’d stick together no matter what it takes
Nkem nkem
Yeah yeah yeah

Verse 2 (Naledge)
From da 1st time I saw you girl, I knew you were the one
From your hair to your nails you shine like the sun
I’d like to buy some matching jerseys that I’ll write our names on
So for now, let me get your phone number and it’s on
Bb pins, late night calls anything that you want
I’d like to see us at the movies next week up at the mall
The only that shines a light upon my day is when we talk
Oh how am I gonna avoid my heart dying when you run
Yeah I hustle every day
9ja you know we tough
Waka waka everywhere
Yeah I know da sun will burn
But I got to earn a right to hold your hand and maybe run a future vision
Can’t you see me and you all got to have a little patience
With you while we put our little pillars up
Every time you move away
Gotta put a curve in my world
Without you by my side, I’m doing wrong baby girl
You doing a run by my side

Repeat chorus (Kurio)

Verse 3 (Job)
So fresh and clean like American cream
I think you are my dreaming ocean of loving…follow me swim
Without you in my life ooh baby girl I go dey slim
When I got you in my rounds baby girl its like a gym
Watching you morning and night like American film
Missing you a day is like I lost my phone and my sim
I just want trust you in my life
I’ll never hurt you in my life
Cos I got you in my life and with you my light is so bright
Woowoo ….waawaa….waawaawaaa
My baby that’s what you truly do woowoo
I’d never go far from you ‘cos I really love you my baby
You already know what you plant is what you reap
I need a sure girl not da one to come my heart and peep
Baby I have the bed in my heart that you’ll sleep
You gat pride girl your love no cheap

Repeat chorus (Kurio)

Verse 3 (Kurio)
Lee nu mu ooh
Chei lee nu mu ooh
Nwa nma
Everytime I close my eyes and reminisce
Iwo nikan ti mo fè ma bagbé
When I’d wake up late at night and sing you lovesongs
Ma sò wi pè o gbagbé
You’ve heard my crew talk
I feel holes in my heart yeah
No be say na hype or scope
I feel holes in my heart yeah

Modest clean chics that are always there, Kurio
And Kelikume on da heat in da booth yeah

Oooh ooohoo ooh aah
girl you top me chart ooho
Yeah yeah you r not a spoilt brat uugh

Ol’ boy this 9ja girls dey tough men
But I love my baby girl men
I love my queen


I’m a do everything to get her back in my world
Just you wait
I’m a get my money right then imma come for you
Just hold tight
Don’t give that thing to anybody
I’m coming back for you girl
‘Cos I wanna fill this void within my heart
All da way to da top baby
We still dey streets now
Iyana iba all da way to ago
its how we do!
Oooh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Baby ooh yeah

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  • coool .bro hmmn..world class song..rhymes n lyrics..

    peter adibe January 4, 2011 6:28 am
  • i like this song very much… listen and enjoy it…

    daphne August 18, 2011 11:51 am

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