Lagbaja – Did I

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Spanish Verse
Es verdad, te dije que te amaba
Es verdad, te lo dije mil veces
Y siempre lo dije porque así lo sentía
Desde el fondo de mi corazón
Esperaba que fuera una historia diferente
De momentos de mi pasado
Pero fui cuidadosa con lo que decía
Aterrado de decir por siempre

Did I ever say I’d love you forever?
Did I? Did I?
Even if I ever said I’d love you forever
I must have been out of my mind
As you know, sometimes love gets intoxicating

English Verse
I’d like to say it, but I’m uncertain
I’d like to say it a thousand times
If I would say it, I would mean it
I like to think I’m a man of my words
But memories flash through my mind
Does anything ever last forever?
I’m glad enough for this moment
I’m scared to think forever

Repeat Chorus:
Did I ever say …

I don’t know about forever
No me preocuparé por el mañana
Don’t know about forever
Vivamos un día, un día a la vez

Repeat Chorus:

Did I ever say …

Yoruba Verse

Boo fe boo ko, Ife
Eee, a yi ni lori sa
Ko ye e? Aaa ko le ye e, omo
Forever sa? Ah
Omo, won ti ta e tan die lo ku

Forever, pretty never
Forever, would we ever?
Forever, pretty never
Forever, would we ever?

Repeat Chorus:
Did I ever say …

© Lagbaja

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