Luther – Reply to Don Jazzy’s Diss on Nigerian Rappers

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titles=Luther-Reply to DonJazzy’s diss on Nigerian rappers]

Is about that time i set this records straight/ Mo hits we all know a
bunch of wacks with beats/
Koko master gets murdered without Jazzy’s beats/ need a prove listen
up Fimile remix/
i heard you made prince and Sid quit the game/ another prove yeah, cox
there brains were lame/
now ama hit ya, below the belt/ till it pains yeah, till you feel what we felt/
yeah you good we all know you getting paranoid/ and very soon dude,
you gone be void/
Kelly gave you the cuts i bring salt to your injury/ Reply this your
bodybags i bury/
cox a mouth spitting shit IV for maggots/ a dog acting sissy IV for faggots/
such words how you gon be role model/ to young minds tryna ryhme and
tryna excel/
you worked for Jigga and Kanye ain’t that rap/ now you come home and
you diss on rap/
thats like a dog eating up his own faeces/ spit to ya face, you know
nothing about emcees/
they scared to talk ain’t scared of none/ that explans better why am
the chosen one/
if fame gets into ya head am a brain surgeon/ snatch your staff then i
wipe you with it till you are gone/
get on your knees dude, render apology/ nothing can save ya, not even theology/
i bring you my showers while i take your shine/ stretch ya hand like a
beggar asking for dime/
cox ya time’s gone like a stolen clock/ like a foiled plan ya so out of luck/
shakagbum i spill ya brains on the floor/ thats what you get for
talking once more/
you can never reach me like i leave on the sun/ dare to come too close
dude you go burn/
talking crap about rap ain’t gon let that slip/ lemme address ya like
i know ya crib/
now rappers but sisses in men’s body/ they gat no balls to defend the
almost lost glory/
these no publicity stunts just laying ma mind/ cats now bullshitting
singers claim they spitting/
face facts, you the ones with the bad influence/ nude models in ya
videos all we experience/
what lessons to learn koko this and that/ mcees are scholars and
shallow minds don’t dig that/
don’t get me wrong dude ain’t hating/ i stopped feeling ya when you
gave up thinking/
first was subsidy that didn’t go down well/ Oliver twist video when
Naija was in hell/
but never forget that the fans made ya/ there trust almost gone like a
jilted lover/
need advice lay low you’ve crossed the boundary/ else you gon be
washed out like laundry/
chess game’s only way ya crew can fight/ Like the V of a newborn, you
know am tight/
even those with small head dey carry long face/ am on another level so
dude gimme a space/

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