Lyrics: 2Bless – I’m Me

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Yessir,its your boy
Sarz on the beat
2Bless up in this
Leggo,leggo huh

Haba me na emini ye [tani iwon] *4 Haba me na emini [Hey] *8

Verse 1
I no dey send them cause all this boys don’t deliver
I did them now i’m doing me they asked who gave me liver
I’m not a belieber,but i swear they all believe i
To those who dey hate,my name is far from Straus Levi [leave i] Writing lines day and night ceiling is my witness
Cracking wordplays in the Johns’ this shit is my witness
Trekking from Magbon to Alaba Danfo is my witness
Brand new pairs no Kaftan i no be Jehovah witness
I will never fumble [Form Bull] even if i dey see red
Laying on the floor keeping it real but they on bed
They tryna hitch a ride to the airport omoh i’m on board
Ya,tell them that me i’m on board
I’m back with this style like a song on a repeat
If the mic is an exhibit
I’d love to be imprisoned
18 years old still they don’t know who he might be
This fam is illy
Tryna feed his family aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Haba me na emini ye [tani iwon] *4 Haba me na emini [Hey] *8

Verse 2
I know Kanon but i hate to lose[Loose] I guess is why i no dey sound like that Loopy’s dude
I ain talking Nassarawa lyrically i dey massacre[Masaka] One secret to my success omoh i’ve paid my Sadaka
I ain letting down for this boys not even for an inch
I got them begging for mercy[Messi] like Lionel on the bench
I was laid up with despair but i’m back again
To my haters you will never see my back again
Much pain i cannot settle for a lesser gain
Blunders and i don’t affiliate mayne i’m infallible
Gone are those days we cooking things unpalatable
My presence in this game made this other boys unpresentable…huh…
This is me doing me ain’t nobody to copy
Like the shirt you wearing on every rapper [wrapper] I’m topping
And i mean to say this that i can’t be beaten
The only time that i’ll be beat,is by Sarz on beat…

Haba me na emini aaaaaaaa yeeeeee *2
The truth is i can’t be you
The truth is i can’t be you
Even if i can be you
Then who gonna be me?

Verse 3
I knew that one day i’m gonna be the light
That will shine upon my generation and my night
Mama said you the Sun,you last longer than the dark
Never give up on your dreams a tale told by my dad
Now i make the rest act dumb….newborn
Confidence over penury like i’m hawking Dope
You don’t ball like i do you got a club-foot?
You got class,i own school i mean the new school
I’ve been paying my dues and i hope it claws back
And if it didn’t,i’ll leave being the game’s quarterback
Don’t look green when i look pink
Maybe your pen in the other hand has enough ink
Just think of it as me being your instinct
Even though people say that your work stinks
Keep calm do you and never quit

Young Jonn on the mix ha
Thanks a lot man hahaha
This is my gift man
Gift to Sarz from me to you man
i’m out

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