Lyrics: 2Rhymes – Devil’s Throne

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See me on the left side of the Devil’s THRONE,
Second man up yup on the heaven’s OWN,
Jesus died for Love even ROMEO,
I keep reading the Bible anytime when am all ALONE,

I keep reading it still can’t UNDERSTAND IT,
Dead of Heaven’s Gate angels STAND IT,
See my fans are DEMANDING,
To see my sky high but I crash with the LANDING,

Is like the Roman CATHOLIC,
I seek truth see my lines like a PSYCHIC,
Some said am a psycho, but am up on a place with a smile with my side CHICK,

Now am on Heaven’s GATE,
Door closing in but too LATE,
I wanna Enter they say no way I guess that is because every single day I FORNICATE,

I MASTURBATE,every night MEN,
Sex every Bitch ruining my christianity life MEN,
Wanna be born again but jesus smiled RIGHT,
And the devil with a big grin last NIGHT,

Living my life BUT,
Surrounded by demons possessing not my FAULT,
Maybe I should go to Hell but poverty in charge no fee for my TRANSPORT

Death calling my NAME,
Sell my soul to the devil just to get the FAME,
Shit came, shit came but its still the SAME,
Valley of the shadow of death am right on this LANE,

Crucify me like the Lord JESUS,
Am the devil’s right Man they don’t FEEL US,
Top rapper 2rhymes RATING,
But fuck that Chick my chick is double DATING,

Let me Die PLEASE,
If I should die now the question what would I MISS,
No friends , No friends few fans are the lie lips that I KISS,

Let me Die Please,
Let Me Die please,

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