Lyrics: 2Young – Eloni (Remix)

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elo ni

Elo ni (2*)
lo je ee wanna b ur men
elo ni(2*)
elo loje e ehe

Verse 1
shawty come close let me rename u
say u go bear my father’s name
bringing u out of misery to my past life
u know me right from beginning,
back in d days u know how we do
everyday thinking of u
every time na u girl,

elo ni sofun mi
elo ni baby girl
elo lo jee eeee(2*)
wanna b ur men

Verse 2
so we get home tonight
i feel d way she whyne her body up tonight girl
cant stand so low of course i love ur logo
aint in a lotto
for us to go to Togo
even ni Morocco
i’ll still be back tomorrow
she doesn’t want me wen am wanted
she said am useless like a basket
but once a basket all the night like pipe men
i was trusted more than a prophet

elo ni sofun mi
elo ni baby girl
elo lo je eeeee(2*)
wanna be ur men

Verse 3
wanna take u shopping shawty be my boo
taking to next level kissing u in my bedroom
ako ni ni mi why u forming for me
ogba gbo u go me mad,
put it on you like a pressure
sit it on me like a pleasure

elo ni sofun mi
elo ni baby girl
elo lo je eee(2*)

helo my honey eh
na u i go marry
no need to worry eh
from morning to yankee eh
see me so fly
se u understand be my cutest flower
ki ni ki my timer
be my baby booma
see my face on rounda
cant get u over i cant get u over
dont do it
i need i love u be my girl yeh she go be my girl
2 youngz hw much waxy wax oya aha


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  • File elo ni na correct song b dis

    Tobi youngkid August 16, 2012 5:50 am
  • Uh confirm or na lie

    Tobi youngkid August 19, 2012 10:13 pm

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