Lyrics: A-Q – 555 ft. Beat By Jayy

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titles=555 -A-Q]

When you hear the beat
Come back
One by one
Two by two

Listen.. let the kick kick in
The beat’s is about to get beaten
Lines and hooks we about to go fishing
Bars and crooks we about to go to prison
Illegal music, sue me,
YOU get shanked like I ever had a date with julie
Flow sick keep it on the low key
Sanu de zua aboki
That’s word to ice prince
For all that cake I could have been icing
For all that ass I could have been niking
All the pineapple a could have been dicing
Blow minds, that’s word to mode 9
Even though he never really gave a cosign
I was there the whole time, he dug the gold mine
Taught me to keep my soul and I never sold mine
That’s word to sinzu, I feel the thing too, everything you’ve been through
You know how the streets do, it could have been me too
I saw carolina she was in my dreams too
That’s word to me too
For when I let the A and slept in a B-Q
From when I went from one and skipped to scene two
Ladies got my number now they want my pin too
Word to the don Eldee
Gave me the innovation of keeping it wealthy
Entertainment is a short career I’m keeping lengthy
My cup is full of wisdom but the pocket is empty
Emcee, that’s word to MI
Held it down for the boys and made the men fly
Money aint the thing jare I be big boy me I no dey drink Garri

see I go take you go places if you want to girl
I mo put you in the mood if you want to
I mo give you me time if you want to girl
And aint no stopping me girl
Baby its me and you
I mo go down for you
Baby its me and you and aint no stopping me girl

YOU can say that time heals you can say that time kills
YOU can say I came up the game in time to sign deals
Making a mark with foot prints I’m walking on a sand field
I aint trying to change the game just because I ryhme ill
save your respect I aint trying to earn that
I’m just trying to earn what ever hardwork would earn back
I aint trying do me I rather do I think is right
Cos I dont see my self doing it two ways like a blind dike
YOU can say I’m underground tryna break to mainstream
And if you say life aint real I must be leaving a day dream
And when you speak of success you just called my last name
And right now everyone should answer by their dads name
Life is bitch I aint trynna act strange
I just want to get arranged parade me in a black range
And if you say a short black is from j-town
I’d tell you I’m an igbo boy and money is my playground
The game is divided into clicks who you riding with
dealing with some tribalistic shit and dudes riding dicks
Going on some ritualistic shit just to provide a hit
Niggaz fucking niggaz how the fuck wud I survive this shit
Sorry for cursing but I rather put me in a coffin
Rather than raise my offspring in all the industry evil that we nursing, we at the pinnacle of destruction father pls forgive us but we keep living unreligious forgetting we got jesus
Goldie rest in peace Goldie rest in peace
Lesson learned you live your life too fast death may come to quick
But if you live in slow motion you never reach your peak
So I just let the pastor preach

Oh yeah i see your mouth moving,
but i hear nothing,
fuck boy get out my face cus i know your bluffing,
heyyy uoooohhhhhh
You be damned we ever ready
men fuck you I dont really trust you
cus when we drop we drop heavy yeahhhhh

How do you want it tell me how do you want it
Step back see I’m about to throw up on the mic while y’all dudes spit I vomit
So how do you want it, how do you feel
Growing up like a nigga in a trash can living in the last lane I’mo keep it real go
How many times will y’all dudes try to steal my flow,conceal my doe dililah chics wanna cut my hair till dey hear that it caught my ear, living in a lost idea,
living like I dropped my soap in jail and they touched my rare,
ask jawon is this not my year cos I kill it pass sarkordie yeah
Bag full of money see the sacks all there, feeling like there’s cash’s all here,
if I had to go another night without killing this mic its a feeling that might last for a year,
I do it for the passion and not my fear,
try to pass on what I learn here,
try to get my cash on, if wanna judge by my actions maybe I don’t belong here *clear*
Can I vent on this can I go fast like lent on this, if I tell you how much I spent on this would it matter if I vex on this
can I break your neck on this
when I bleSs I could make a nucca def on this make mess of it, the god I’m about blow breath on this give it to life at the same time death on it
Can I rock 2chainz, tell no lies, sing on a track like kirko bangz, can I trust my trust fanz, can I gamble with the devil not to stop my plans like who the fuck I am
Can sell my pride for a couple of millz buy a couple of cribs and couple of cars with a couple broads get a wife get divorced, alone without trust for a couple of bucks?

This Parental advisory better remind them boys
Catch me moving thru your speakers like panned my voice
Became a man by choice, remanded my toys
Chemistry with the mic commanded by Boyles
Law this is the science of rap
The best scientific discovery reliance on facts
Fuck rap I’m redefining business
So much a head of my time you couldn’t tell the time difference
Sayi de saafe I see you later in hausa
YOU say your balling, how sir, that’s a foul sir
Enupo we got mouth sir, bow sir
Before I bend your backs kinda like your dancing salsa
We free men free enough to free mason
Freestyling free agents on the free way to jason
Bourne Identity burning the purple hays on
Fuck cassidys raid I’m killing you insects with baygon
I’m trying be focused blowing smoke up making dope designs
Enemies try to hold us, critics choke us but we hope in time
We in hopeless times I’m hoping I could open minds I’m on that illshit the kinda shit that made the pope resign
Out spoken rhymes it keep flowing out
I’m provoking minds hiphop sold me out
I’m holding out, share holder still holding up
I’m holding my head up high they holding grudge I’m trynna hold em off
Shit is harzadous, my occupational harzard is killing beat, they were mad at us bur now they got their eyes on us to resurrect the game like lazarus
We ghetto fabulous
These afro pop singers wanna share tiles with us how is that
I’m spraying shower raps put on your shower caps
I’m power drunk I got a power pack to power that
funny how the powerful can get you power fooled
They playing power games I’m making power moves
I’m out

Hook Asa’s voice
Tell me that I could have it all
It me I wouldn’t change at all
Tell me this road is not too long
Will I give up a few years from now
Will I be strong some way some how
Tell me that I should keep holding on


I put the inc (ink) in the hustle, husle inc you should come sign
Putting haterz out of their dump minds
Standing on the industries front line
All I see is green I aint never seen the stop sign
Aint committed no crime
Grinding in my mind I’m re-visting the times
Clutching on the mic I aint leaving what’s mine cos even the Koran was written in rhymes
Bad girls wanna do me bad
I’m setting p everywhere like booby traps
I’m just trying to bring the boogie back
Sodom and gomorrah lil homey aint no looking back
I aint ever did drug
But if I ever sling rocks it wud be david and goliath
how long till the war is won
Born with a silver spoon nah I was born with guns

Hook (same as above)

Picture rolling 2pacs voice
An out law like 2pacs boys
Living with that 2pac choice
Live and die in gidi I’m 2fast boys
Maybe I’m 2 backwards
Maybe I forgot what I do that for
Maybe I’m too caught up with fame
Maybe I’m cut too deep in the veins
I’m just too deep in the game
Hope my tears don’t get mixed with the rain
My heart gets mixed with the brain to the point that the pleasure get mixed with the pain
And hope lives far away
Faith got me praying for another day
I’m Tryna find another way
Maybe I might give it up tomorrow but not today

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