Lyrics: AdeWhalaay – Love You x3

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Its Adewhalaay

Representing the Pro inc

I’m loving you

Verse 1

Your on my mind

all of the time yeah

my heart just melts

whenever your around

i just cant stand to see you there all alone

coz it hurts me to see you hurting when i am around


Baby baby mi


ma toju re dada

because you have made me love you love you


Love you Love yo x3


Verse 2

I get confused on what to say to you

coz what i feel inside i cannot explain

best believe i’d do anything to prove

that my love for you is never ending



Verse 3

I don’t need no voodoo powers to cast a spell on you

don’t need no fortune teller to tell me your the one

You gat that magic aura around you

that makes me love you


TeamGoodmusic TeamPRO INC, TeamEva, TeamSkales

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