Lyrics: AfroAllstars Collective – Stay

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Joy Melody * Chorus
Your on my mind
No I can’t let go

No no no x2

Will you stay
Come inside
Let me hold you close

Come on x2

Zondi 1st verse:
“Beautiful lips, that a heck of a kiss
Making jokes under the sun just had a lovely trip
Thats a heck of a hips
Heck of a body
Wearing the jacket only
What a lucky zip!!!!!
Miss independent
You need a better man
Aint saying you need a servent
But he can be one if he can
Trying to cause trouble
Trying to be your superman
Cause your my superwoman
Forget about the konan
Cause your my kreptonite

(Repeat chorus) (2x)

Shimzie 2nd verse:
Baby girl don’t hate me
I’m working to be better in life
I don’t daydream
And u could have a heck of a life if u date me
Our future
Lovin we flex and I seduce her
Dey say we crazy and they all trying to break us

Don’t let them baby

(Repeat chorus)

Lilopy 3rd verse:
Alright can you slow down,
She says she hates my beats cos I bring the real sound,
Now this love got me contemplating things now,
Cos the way she move got me flying though we still ground,
Now we moving still ground, call it law of attraction,
See the big picture well im still writing the caption
And we balling out here, lets hope that they catch us
We got the light, camera, ready for the action
Now pose

(Repeat chorus)

Talib J 4th verse :
I don’t say it often but you on ma mind too
Don’t be silly of course I’ll stay withchu
I know we have our ups and downs like a sea saw mi casa su casa what’s mine is yours
In da bedroom you call me a boss like I’m Rick Ross (huh)
But we ain’t done it for a few months
Maybe that’s da reason we’re drifting, but nothing can tear us apart
This da beginning of a new start.

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