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I took a trip to the big city now they hit me up
But my friends from way back, yeah they know what’s up
We used to sit around in circles having conversations
Bout what we finna do and where we finna go
And just like that without warning NEPA will take light
But that was not enough to darken our hearts, look
Me and the boys were calculated, absolutely dedicated
Knowing pretty soon we gon be yelling ‘we made it’
You see hate is way too much of a burden to bear
That’s why I love cos anytime man fit disappear
Pops told me ‘ranti ọmọ ẹni ti o je’
Mama said ‘a pé̩ ko to jẹ ko ni j’e̩baje’
So here I am chilling like a villain – no pressure
Easy with these
Medusas they all tryna seduce ya
No time man if you know what I mean
Tori wan ko mi je rush rush like indomie
That’s why on Sunday you gon find me in church clapping
Praises go up, and the blessings come down
And I know it’s been a while since you hear me drop a sound
But I had to take a minute, turn my whole life around
And my ex just hit me up, girl it’s been a while
And I still got feelings, so it’s whatever
Yeah you’re doing pretty good girl
I’m happy for you
And if you’re not too busy maybe we could spend some time
So let me take you out like I used to Chinese in Lekki
One that was good food
Where you would eat slow and I would make fun of you
Talking bout you ain’t gotta front it’s just me and you
Picture this red carpets and flashing lights
And all the damn champagne that they could pour us I know
You wondering how I came this whole time and I ain’t even had a chorus
It ain’t nothing
I’m just speaking from the heart
I’m just speaking from the heart…yeah

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