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I find myself on my grind
With so many things on my mind
I just wanna get myself knocked out
So, if you’re with me
If you’re with me
Just lift up your glasses(lift up your glasses)
Lift up your glasses(lift up your glasses)
Lift up your*3
Lift up your glasses

Verse One: Anderson

See right now its not just about popping bottles
Its not just about rolling with sexy models
Firstly, see the crowd I control like the catholics
And how they believe in my words like a highpriest
See how time flies without the wings in the clock
And when we’re celebrating success, haters dieing of stroke
Like capslock I’m only focused on making capital
I just wan hammer, I’m not talking about the nails of a capenter
Some niggaz flow like an abortion, they can’t deliver
I bring the cold here, see them now, them don dey shiver
I spit hard, now the mic would scream flood
I speak ill till the day my saliver turns blood
I broke the law of gravity by always sitting ontop
With my lines connected than the que in a bus stop
I’m on point, call that a full stop
I gat my account laughing like a mad man cos its buzzed up
I feel fly that the sky look upto me
Like a legendary, someday your kids would gist me
The street they’re feeling it so they give their thumbs up
And if you’re feeling it too lemme see your glasses up

Lift up your glasses (when we’re celebrating)
Lift up your glasses (we pop pop pop)
Lift up your glasses (yea)
Lift up your glasses (glasses)
Lift up you glasses
Lift up your (eh!)
Lift up your
Lift up your glasses
Lift up your glasses

Verse Two: Anderson
Lift up your glasses
So you can see my bulky fans, they’re like the masses
Especially the chicks with them big fat asses
I know how to get em from axis to axis, screwing nyashes to ashes
I’ve grown pass the stage to be seen among dumbasses
Even among the first class, I’m still topping the class list
I drop dope flow you can say I’m a culprit
And I’m so olekwu, anyway shout out to Ice_prince
And shawtty says she likes the way my flows are making senses
And she likes the way my reflex dey make sex
I don’t listen to none sense, I’m focused on my success
So I don’t need to say much before she undresses
There is something about the guys wey sometimes we dey hookup
Olu and Chonyblaze go set your family ablaze make you lockup
Ceejay wey dey here, he no dey fear corps
And we go put you for caffaine nigga, I no dey talk of Jacobs

I don’t care about the haters, the success invaders
Cos a few years from this date I’d be so great like Alexander
I bring pains and darkness to their hearts, no undertaker
When it comes to punchlines and rhyming, you know I’m better
I’m professional, you’re regular
I’m a grown-ass papa, your flows like my tata
I console you fake rappers, tell em Hakuna Matata
I’m so far gone, to see me, you’d need morethan binocculars
You know I’m lyrically logical, empirically practical
Physically no critical, historically mystical
That even when I rap in enlish or vanaccular
The boy! The boy!! They say I’m so damn spectacular
See the way I’m exing chicks like malcom
Maybe cos I’m getting different sizes in random
And when I’m mad, I don’t speak much grammer like mista Patrick
I just get my glasses and feel the moment with some magics

From lasgidi to J-town (lift up your glasses)
From sokoto to Ondo (lift up your glasses)
Nassarawa to Anambra (lift up your glasses)
Kaduna to delta (lift up your glasses)
From Abuja down to Lokoja
Wherever you are, just lift up your glasses!

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