Lyrics: Ariesz Praisz – Anana Mbiet Abasi

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Efik ye ibibio edoho ete
Mkpo ama odot owo
Yak eyak eno
Jehovah edi anana mbiet Abasi
Mbiet esie iduhe
Idi yung iduhe

Anana mbiet Abasi oh!
Ami mmoyom nkwe
Mbiet fo iduhe
Uyaya uyaya Abasi oh! Ami mmoyom nkwe
Papa boh ekom do…

No one compares to you
Nobody nobody could ever do the things You do
Ami mmoyom nkwe
You made the blind to see
You made the dumb to talk
And You made the lame to walk
At the beautiful gate
Atat owo ntaga ofong nkine obufa oh! That’s who You are to me
You’re the father to the fatherless
Mother to the motherless
Husband to the widows
You made the rain to fall at it’s due time
You made the sun to shine in it’s season
And flaunt the stars in space…

CHORUS (Repeat 2x)

Mme abasi efen etie nte akpang
Enam uyom ikpu ikpu oh! Enam uyom ikpu ikpu oh! Papa mmoyom nkwe
Eyene ukot
Eyene inua
Eyene enyin
Edi mmo ikwe usung oh! Mbiet fo iduhe
You are the great and a mighty King
You are God and God alone
You share your glory with no man
You are the Lion of the tribe of Judah
Lord! The Lion and the Lamb
That’s what I call you Lord! You are the Great I Am that I Am
Lord! Afo di anana mbiet…

CHORUS (Repeat 2x)

Ibaga si ba nte afo! Ibaga si ba nte afo! Afo di ntongoh
Afo di utit
Ibaga si ba nte afo
Ibaga si ba
Ibaga si ba
Ibaga si ba
Ibaga si ba
Ibaga si ba
Ibaga si ba
Ibaga si ba…….

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  • nice one there but I want to make a little correction. The spelling is “mmoyom” not “mmeyom”, thanks plenie!

    Andy Ime June 25, 2016 2:16 am
    • Thanks!! Updated!

      Bukie June 26, 2016 11:48 am

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