Lyrics: AT – Murda

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Repping a.g.e baby
At baby, at baby
Gospel on the beat

Verse 1
Burn fire, fire burn all of them one time
Bloodclot, you can have the game ’cause the world mine
On time, hard to stay the same and we all die
Oya now, bobo pass the j make me alright
Why you look ashamed, daddy?
This thing no be love just a fling, daddy
Don’t give me your heart it will break proli
I’m saying honey that you can be my main padi
Me only want the don dada
Ask around me loved by all of dem fada
Bad gyal when it comes to the mata
Whenever we around see as the whole town gada
Grinding, rhyming, me i dey for clouds, silver lining
Timing, you never figure out, is a diamond
I mean, look left, right, to cross my men
Now who the bombaclat wan try me?!

I’m better than the best one of you
We no dey talk much no dey send none of you
Easy come, easy go
No dey show chest, no dey form gidigbo
They screaming murda murda
Everything i do na murda murda
Dressed to kill so na murda murda
We no dey mud for no corner corner

Verse 2
On fire, live it up, tonight there’s a bonfire
Smoke ina the air we a toast to the long life
It’s a marathon and you know we a run taya
You said you better than who? You a born liar
And you know say we dey dress abi?
Probably the best dressed west side
Winter, fall, summertime fresh chale
Nu’n better than the best right?
This beat make me come come harder
You know i mean my flow so get your mind out the gutter
Been around the globe and there’s no one hotter
If you are the main chic why you dey hide for corner?
Life’s a little better when you’re patient, i’m waiting
To take over the game, they underrating and hating
The hatred i have for amebo is amazing
Not the person but the act of doing it, that’s lame shh

[Repeat Hook (x2)]

Repping a.g.e baby
At baby, at baby
Gospel on the beat

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