Lyrics: Ator Hillary – Take My Hand ft. Joy

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All the same..have been every were
Searching for the one beyond the clouds
Beyond the clouds..
Strength failed me
Friends are gone
No one could believe in me anymore
Hear i am searching for the one
Who flung the sun
So far away
I hope i find you
Please were are you
Am calling you 2×
As i reach for you

Take my hand 2×
I wanna walk
Walk with you
I’m not strong
Strong on my own
I m so weak
Please be my strength
I m not strong
Strong on my own
I wanna be free like the bird in the sky..
Everyday i ll be chasing you
As you sanctify this heart of mine you gave me
The heart you gave
I will strive to stay
Stay with you
Noon or nite
All is best spent with you
I will take my time
Singing 4 the one
Whose love don’t fade
Even when i fail
Jesus in you
My dreams come true
Jesus reigns…

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