Lyrics: B.T.B – Money (Freestyle) ft. Lil Jaff

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(Phone rings)
Helo Iregbejeji
(Hey! Money D, let me ask you, what’s beef?)
(Niggas!! Let me ask you, what’s beef?)
(You dont know the kind of fucking what’s beef)
(Fuck you, money d)
(Jungle beat, hola f)

Verse – B.T.B

Fuck ass niggas, ina be money d
For introduction, call me by my name B.T.B
All of ina for that group, una be soko
Come, ina no sweet, ina just be like sobo
Feel my voice, i gat dah voko
E back off eyin were
Tin ba sayin legba, nise ni gbogboyin ma mere
Koni si bere, tori wan roboya gbogbo yin ti ya were
Awa lomo ton make hay everyday and night
Se gbo flows mi ni, ninu graduation day?
Choose ina self one by one make ina go dey act gay
You fuck ass know biri, all of ina be monkey
Elo soja monday market kelo mata boli
Una no get money
Boya through yen ele mari awon iyan to ma funyin ni pussy
I flow so sweet
Feel it, its so sweet
Aimoye awon ton ko wonu pit, just to hear my rap on the beat
Fimile baby, emi mon fuck niggas
Eyin noni, eyin fake ass niggas
(Bleach ass niggas, ina be monkey)
(Money d, ina be monkey)

Verse – LIL JAFF
Arh yeah
What’s beef? (hun)
What’s beef? (hun)
Bitches, what’s beef (arh ah)
Eh eh eh yeah
Whats beef? (whats beef?)
Chop money, i hurt you men
What’s beef? (hun)
Arh arh yeah
Niggas, what’s beef niggas?
I.F RECORDS on the beat N.B.S
What’s beef? (3 times)
Bitch ass niggas

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