Lyrics: B.T.G.A – Black Instincts

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Hey! Hey!
We don come again
Hey! Hey!
It’s The Black instincts with T-Dot on the beat
We don come again
Hey! Hey!
It’s a brand new life because…….

Chorus [2x]
Baba ti gbo adura mi
Ha ha ha
O ti gbo adura

Verse 1:(Ay Instincts)
I remember those days
When i used to look for ways
To make sure say
i dey get some pay
Dey waka go from one place to the other
Dropping applications boya won le consider
Three square meal for me na ala
Dash dash one used to be my formular
I dey confused i dont know what to do
Even my friends,they don turn dem back view

Lojiji ma nire ayomi ba wole de
Ise kekere,owo nla ni won n’funmi se
Ki n’to diju laju,mo ti n’fowo sere
Ojo ayomi ti de,ara e wa bami gbe

Repeat Chorus [2x]

Verse 2(JayB instincts)
I remember those days when it was just a dream
To be a superstar when I know the chance is slim
Hustle money for studio,try to make a song
Begin to look for promo when the track is done
Free shows ta se,omo iyen o niye
Everywhere we perform,people say dem feel it
We keep hoping someday the story will change
And with God on our side, everything go re-arrange

Lojiji ma nire ayomi wole de
Everywhere you go,na ma song dem dey play,
Now if you call me to your show,na big money you go pay
Ojo ayo mi re,ara ewa bami gbe…..

Repeat Chorus [2x]

(Ay Instincts)
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Rap…(T Dot)

I’m Tee-Dot with a brand new beat
Black instincts brand new hit
I’m fresh and clean with no pimples
I’m cool and sweet no wrinkles
Back in d days I dey hustle for fame
Star quest fame, dem sabi my face
Like pako biscuit I treck like train
No pain no gain dats the thing
Suddenly things start to dey change
Like play like play I enter the place
Like king I dey move on a private jet
See for yoursef I’m better than dem
Now,baba don bless me
He don dress me
Ladies don dey eye me
Marketers don dey price me
Every show,video promo
Plenty plenty Ghana must go
Tv,radio,fans dey follow
Too much money dey my cargo

Repeat Chorus [2x]

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