Lyrics: Base One – Mario

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This Africana must flow and i go pack my Money with a Ghana must go
Eyin ti e le rap gbogbo yin ni ki e lo stay clear
Eyin baby yi,ani e pada lo si Day care
Eyin Omode yi e pada lo si K.G
Y’all better feel my S.W.A.G
This is not the end jhor
This is just the starting
Shey e le fi igo g’erun,ki e tu fi ada la parting
Eerin yin pa mi bi ere Mr Latin
Eyin Omode yi e pa da lo si Kindergater
Haters wanna be me
The top is where you see me
Eyin rappers yi e pa da lo si Jelosinmi
And this beat,thats what the Boy is Wrecking
Mi o kin shey Bricklayer,but mo ma’n fun eeyan ni Decking
Awon temi fe mo ko ko
|werey re o| but irun mi o ta ko ko
Mo fresh bi omo ikoko
Won de wa mi kiri bi |
I don’t even knock to let the boys in
You know we hot like the booth that we Voice in
Eyin lan hate the time am rejoicing
Oro yin ma da bi ekute to lo je poison
E jo mo ko fe wa brief ni
Kilode ti awon haters yi kan fe ma beef mi
Ni gboro won ma treat mi bi Chief ni, I’m so dope
Awon to gbemu gan fe sniff mi
Aje ni mi,but wo’n ma Initiate mi
Gbogbo wan lo’n underate mi
Am so special Calender gan fe Date mi
Ko possible ki Okunkun bori Imole
Ota l’ekute Ogun won de ni Sole
To ba ni Biro ko tete ko le
Emi ti lo soke,mi o de ni bole
You can call me Kobe Bryant
Am so skinny but Lyrically am a giant
I’ll take a deep breath
I’m fly like an Eaglet
And the boy is lyrically smoking like a Cigarette
Any time i rap,you know it’s the Don speaking
My flow na Kungfu and i ain’t done kicking
You can’t say shit coz u’re a dumb chicken
And you know am gonna blow just like a Bomb ticking
All the small boys can do what a Dumb can
Omo mo Mighty but mi o ki’n she Duncan
Lowo yi Ogbeni my Eye too thin
All these fake boys,know say na me be the Blueprint
I rep for the street,and the street is the people
This is not because they’re lame,but lyrically them be Criple
Punchlines mi le ma je ko ri Triple
The only time i Suck is when my Mouth is on the Nipple
Am a Street Fighter pe mi ni Major Bisen
Ese mi de Weigh bi ese Micheal Tyson
Rhymes Owen Tyson
I’m sweet like Icing
To ba de fe stop mi,o le lo se Alaisi
Wo’n fe ma claim Mr burster
They think they’re on Board
but we wipe them off,like a Duster
You can call me a Monster
I’m fucking with your briain Lyrical Pornstar
|werey re o|
Me i no well
These Niggers are dry bara pelu Towel
I no go make Too much Mouth
Mo da bi Nigerian film Ogbeni Watch Out

nna men you have to watch out
wele le o.Base one yana Xblaze
This is Markit,go and Glab ur copy
Ogogoro no good o my brother

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haters cant see me cum-ming like a blind prostitute


  • Nigboro, won ma treat mi bi chief ni

    *I’m so dope*

    Awon to gbemu gan, won fe ma sniff mi

    Usb lee July 16, 2013 2:16 am
    • Thanks! Updated!

      Bukie July 25, 2013 4:04 pm

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