Lyrics: Benyjo – Crucifixion ft. Reck Da Damager, Maestro Juno

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Intro – Reck
Its the crucifixion
Yo benyjo
You know how we do
Got my mind on a lot of issues
And I got a lot of things I’ll like to discuss
But of course
I spread it out through my music
Hope you understand this
Ah (yes man)

Verse 1 – Reck
Here’s ma voice of freedom
Inspired by the struggle
Searching for knowledge and wisdom
I pray I never stumble
Grown man hussle far beyong life and vanity
Digging at reality
Truth be told
Until the facts unfold
About life and soul Knowledge is a gift
So we digging… fucking up the earth crustfor gold
Tell me what do we believe in…survival
Is inevitable hope u breathing
Colossal brain damage
An attack on the multitudes
We made to believe, things that influences our attitude
I see prejudice in the eyes of the law
Jail blocks swollen and flowing with the innocents blood
Diseases with no cure ravaging the third worlds was it imposed on us or not, same as hunger and war
Religions in all region spell rules to live by
Now dey collide and spill blood ain’t no love believe that
Shit stays the same from nigeria to afghanistan…
check the carnage left boko haram and the talibans.
my argument is deep and its food for your thought
I just roll up and think it off..
light up ma blunt of course…am breathing

Its crucifixion, Crucifixion
The past crimes and the failed missions
Crying for the revolution
From the top of my grind
Now I’m trying to catch up the train
Its crucifixion. X2

Verse 2 – Benyjo
They told me to catch up, Blow up like Hussain
Picture career, nigga I snap shot, Speed up like Usain
But they won’t let me be
Stinging like bee She only want the ‘D’
no love even when the emotion is deep, the pain is deep
Gun down a nigga and put the cut on scissors
Slay the innocent for his sweat, is he the second Jesus?
Dig my story for Gold, the desert is wet
south is the pole, evil unfold
I fish you out like tadpole
Greedy ass nigga, u aint playing by the rules
Cheat code!
Forcefully, I swear this bitches wanna rule
But I aint giving your idea a second thought
You’re bringing the drama
Get a D.O.P now for your second cut
I’m trying to make a living but they won’t let me be
Even when I makes them Horny
I swear they still won’t let me be
I’ll never forget the hard times
But I’ll leave the pains with the past crimes
Hoes on a nigga’s dream
I bet you that’s the worst crime
Fuck it!


Verse 3 – Maestro Juno
Millions off a mixtape,
Dreamz aint a mistake,
These streets be fucking niqqas, God I seen the sextape.
Like mr. Macollister in those wheels you wanna wake,
You ever gone 5days straight and still be awake?
I’ll tell u what we put in here but I swear you’ll run away,
This sh*t’s crucifixion is niqqas in nazareth?
You ever sold drugz on the streets in your early teenage age?
..Then I saw ma daddy work so hard and come with nothin’ back,
..Then ma mama tried so hard she got an achin’ back,
Now ma head is in the sky is heaven on my mind? See the last time I heard d gospel is in wayback behind,
Its horror wen you tape my life and play it from behind,
When I used to search for pigeons in the pigeon hole,
When ‘dear mama’ take me to school she leave and I hit the road,
Till blissy call me to studio and watched me kill the show,
Right now we talking guap, respect to benyjo’.


Outro – Reck
Its the crucifixion
You know how it is?
We shed tears not blood

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