Lyrics: Benyjo – Say To Me ft. Lejay

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Intro – Iejay
Oh yeah! Oh Yeah!!
I said I’ll Love you (I said I’ll Love you)
I said I’ll love you (said I’ll Love you)
That I’ll never leave you (That I’ll never leave you)
But you lied (uh uh)
But you lied (uh uh)

Verse 1 – Iejay
One, I’m your man (have been waiting for u long ago)
Two, you’re my life (I’ll be there the day you wanna go)
I’ve meet other girls but you’re the queen among the bees
But you flew behind my back and left me with a sting
And everything I ever do was love you
(In the car, in the club and even in the bed time)
And everything I ever did was love you
(In the car, in the club and even in the bed time)
I came back but I never knew you left
Took away my heart and you stuck it in the trash
I came back hoping I can meet you home
Have some that ll kiss me and tell me that she’s my own oh

CHORUS – Iejay
I said I’ll Love
that I’ll never leave you
Put no one else above you
But I guess I was a fool
All the things I had to do
Never meant a thing to you (to You)

You Said you will love
No one else can hurt me
Your promises got me feeling like I av meet my lady
All the things I had to do
Never meant a thing to you (to You)

VERSE 2 – benyJo
I told me hommey Iejay I needed some medication
He asked me
What’s wrong?
I said I’m sick in my emotion
Cos what I thought was love turn out to be an infatuation
I was so obsessed with her but she passed me through so much frustration
She used to be the only girl a nigga followed about
But she lead me through a confusing direction like a roundabout
She tore my heart apart
Refuse to carry it along like her handbag (I can’t shout)
She lead my heart astray
The hurting moment keep putting my mind in replay
All the scene was a bad display
Attitude was never fair
Always heating like a gas flare
She makes me dumb and dull
And turned my favorite colour to grey
she was an evil diva
She pulled my heart, cut my Liver
I was fooling while she was getting wiser
But I always knew for sure
The sad moment will never last forever
She was pregnant with romance promises
But she couldn’t deliver

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3. – benyJo
She taught me a lesson but I’m not sure what I learn
My soul sinks down into the depth of my brain with a bubbling groan
The pain fall and wet me like rain
She crashed my heart like a faulty plane
Yet my heart is still with her and she’s still running in my brain
Why did you cheat, why did u lie, why did you make me cry?
Now I’m wondering left me for some other guy
I walk with so much in my mind
I feel my life is a mayor bind
All because of you, cos you didn’t stay true (damn)
I need to get my confidence back which I lost when you cheated
The insecurity you gave me makes me feel so mistreated
They said love follows the heart but in my case I was so miss-leaded
I better be leaving

(Repeat CHORUS)

Never meant a thing to you oh
Meant a thing to you oh
Cos I was your fool oh
I was just your fool girl
Ah ah ah
I was just your fool girl
Cos I promise I’m gonna love you my baby
But you took me for a dummy my baby
Eh eh

They call him Iejay
Benyjo – that’s my home boy Iejay
Iejay: Benyjo on the hit, benyjo on the beat

Benyjo: Its crucifixion baby, girl you lied, I say you lied, the feeling was nice till you tony payne.

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