Lyrics: Benyjo – Shutdown

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Verse 1
They told me
You cannot feature in a future that you cannot picture
Then I thought cannon D7 will give me a better picture
That was the vision that gave birth to crucifixion
Hoping that one day I’ll see myself balling on Television
Dialing those digits on my cellular
But that wasn’t enough
Now I’m on the microphone screaming oh my Lord
I’m Steady grinding
From UYO to Lasgidi I’m still grinding
Hustlers ambassador, street branding
My music goes express like nokia
Allergic to failure, stay off my success lane else imma knock ya
The time is now or never, I’ll take what’s mine
I don’t lean on men forever,
so I strengthen my spine
I wanna be the best of my kind,
I wanna be so popular
A legend of my time, my rolex is spectacular (uh)
Critics wanna kill my strength and confidence
But I’m like the tower of david
Covered with shields of mighty men (uh

You aint trying to shut me down
I’ll survive, I’ll survive
Through the strike
Cos I was born to do this
And For your notice
I’m a Victor, I’m a victor
I’ll survive

Verse 2
They wanna shut me down
I see them on the start menu
But I’m off to reality corner bro
Call that a tight venue
Where words match with action
I lock them off like exhausted timer
Perfect reaction
Back when in college
No treasure from peer pressure
But Good music always give me the courage
Yeah! She lift off the pressure
I can’t abandon my farm, I got my seed in this
You can’t stop the Harvest
(You best believe the Gospel cos you can’t stop the prophet)
The weight weigh tones but I lift
Clothes got torn but still fit
Couldn’t play plank like my disk skipped
No love, All I see is lies and deceit
They want me to hustle without getting the pay
They want me to gas up without getting the flare
They wanna through me out and dash me out without a place to stay
But hold on!
That’s far from my destiny
Didn’t come here to play with kids from disney
Lost my dad, kinda like my backbone left me
My grace is strong, my faith is strong
So I’m pushing on, Yes! I’m pushing on
To the next one

(Repeat CHORUS)

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