Lyrics: Benyjo – The Project

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Verse 1
It’s Crucifixion the project, my book of rhymes got a ink stain
From the street to the studio all about to spit my pains
I got trapped in a closet seeking for exposure
Making my believe my culture
Withstanding all the shame and torture
From bad day to worst days
Bomb blast to plane crash
Ethnic wars, cob and garbage
My city dead and trashed. Line shutdown
Put your hand or u’ll never pass
Poor michael faraday, I can tell ya, PHCN aint our pride
Surviving aint for the weak
U got to endure the whip
Sometimes we weep but it never kill us
Our leaders with the wrong bus
Misleading us
They screw us
Failing to bring the seed of life
When poverty and hunger strike
Our neighbours dey woe us

Verse 2
Crucifixion the project
The cross couldn’t share my stress
I saw my dream and I chase
All this fallacies, I wouldn’t reach the end
Now pressure all over me
Y’all bitches acting like they know me
Back in the days when I jumped on beat this niggaz use to mock me
Say my lines can’t connect
That’s some silly punch
Yeah! As a kid I still (k)connect, eat your beef for lunch and I pass over
I do what I gat to do so ef your second thought
A nigga dream will never stop till a nigga hit the Top
I’m a friend to the hoe, u are an angel to the woe, that’s our differences
We learning from the. Same teacher with different preferences
I’m bringing gift from God
Here to pass the message with moses Rod
I’m bringing peace to the world
Free the animal blood

Verse 3
Crucifixion the project
I cried till my voice is heard
No Jobs, our ladies giving head
A nigga smash up Gin and seeking bread
Lethal destruction
No law, scrappy instruction
Growing up with cannibals, blowing blunt, inhuman with total destruction
Imma blaze on, see I gat my blaze on
Trying to act up like grown man is crazy so I gat my jeans on
Perfect writing, soyinka on this paper
Soul trading, visualizing height taller than the skyscraper
I told ya, I aint here for speculationwanna win it all, blow it up, a sledge hammer in action
Gat much to do, I hate a move of distraction
Wanna win it all, take it all, u wanna rig the fucken election
Imma, break your bones, pour your gunpowder plot
Your moves behind my asshole like a camcorder slot
I pull you down in silent
Hit the street, trigger breaking talent
Wasted, burst ed
Evil forces I can hear the siren

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