Lyrics: BHP – Base9 (Marley’s Room)

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Verse 1 – (D33)
Real rap we bringing it back
Coz ya was setting it back
quit taking tha nap
start feeling the gap Indigo cap
still head of the lap Rap equal the mac
So better get back don’t attack
We be popping them taps
sipping them caps
Give it a tap
and give it a spark
Sticky yeeky smoke with vicky
Kinky shaved britney smoothly sink me
SHit explicit? Okay So we mated after getting elevated
Operated and Reported alien mammalian
Fear damien when he goes aerial
The vision radial kill in serial till ma burial

Verse 2 – (Abyssinia)
Crack molecules in ma haemoglobin see me rolling
light purple fumes gat ma humor glowing steady blowing
kick multiples psychedelic mutant omnipotent
indigo the flowing current
this niggas be hating on the essence cos they unimportant
hail mary ma odour come and dominate ma aura
puff puff pass round the table like king arthur (nigga)

Chorus (2x)
See trips yo
most be from that igbo
sk green and a bottle full of lean yo
blunts on me two of these you’ll believe yo
fuck the police yo we smoking lyk its legal

Verse 3 – (Zik)
I’m just from my dealer nigg
smoking on that killer shit
and I’m bout to kill a bitch that wanna kill my vibe
bitch don’t kill my vibe
as I go outside with that throw inside my cup
thats that chopped and screwed syrup if I must say
and that purple got me in a rush hey/psych/
mayne I’m slowing down with about fo’ pounds of that dreebee
where your third eye you can’t see me
mayne believe me it aint easy LSDeezy got me feeling good like Yeezy
on my grizzy with the whole crew
on a mind trip but don’t trip on your mind
this trip is designed to take you on a trip that’s divine
gotta trip when that shit gets lit and a sip of (that mix)
itching for a fix get a kick outta licks of (acid)
dont hog the blunt mudafxcka better pass it

Verse 4 – (Mr. HD)
From the back of the back of the truck
back to the front hope you packing your lunch
always get what I want slow it down now back it all up
the jig is up when I stick it up
please be warned we the few beyond
and you thought I was playing when I told you how I lived it up
she got on her knees and I said bitch suck a dildo
green like am ceelo
smoking sour diesel
my 3rd eye see through
my comrades my people
are sick with the line ill with the rhyme burst that come back ye still we fi shine
sunrise day time to the evening we grind
how they think am gone change when I got no dime
two fingers one time to my niggas with nine

Chorus (2x)

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