Lyrics: BHP Crew – Rap or Die

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(Chorus: Ross)

See I must confess I love the way we’re getting high,
this rap shit is a “do or die”,
No changing of minds cause we feel alright
Its plain to see something like a black and white
B to the HP, inevitably,
we the best team, and the realest clique in the city
See I must confess I love the way we getting high,
this rap shit is a “do or die”

(Verse 1: D33)
Bhp we the apex
We all in fuck the latex,
Cum with metal force
bars than a metal doors
Spit penitentiary rap elementary
School ya fools on hw to be true
Wen the cops are at’cha how to play cool
(Ma friend park there!)
City of hard knocks nigga Wanna get cash
You better Hustle till the knuckle go ash,
And If u can’t flex muscle I hope the brain wise
Otherwise be the price before you realize
(Never saw this coming huh!? )
When ya’ll was sleeping
our pens were bleeding
Your morning was our evening
hip-hop is alive cuz nigga we kept it breathing
Cuz rap we believe in (Bhp nigga!!!)
In rap we the new testament,
words would be our instrument
to take over the continents
Respect to the old school
I bring ya the new school
rap extremists gat 3wrds 4 u nigga
RAP OR DIE (Ya bish)

(Chorus: Ross)

(Verse 2: Mr. HD)
Hold up, a gaddamn minute
Minute late or earlier I’ll pullout my 9millie
No really they can’t see me no really they can’t be me
Amma G reason all this bitches wanna string me
Been rappin so long my lips are getting sore
Calling all proximity to form a babylon
Bhp cool Siberia
Jehovah witness so I testify
I gotta kill em with the rhyme
Illy in the mind Silly we define
Unknown star be the reason we gon shine
Right hand, mic stand
series of unknown bike men
Aint giving us credit so we fight for change
Paradigm shift, tectonic plates slide
The earth between both of us eventually divide
What on earth were you thinking
Grab a mic or the earth you’ll sink in
Rap or die, rap till I stop blinking

(Chorus: Ross)

(Verse 3: Abyssinia)
Put the mic in my hand and put a weapon on a murderer,
draw the biggest pictures aint no use for binoculars,
spectators speculating why the flow spectacular
stood the speed of fast money on the month ramadan.
yo actors, go head bring the drama on
my tactics, get paid, stack the money long
who you think you hating on, more green than tramadol
lyrical assassination, diplomatic funeral
salute the ghetto general, black on black,
camouflaged in ma dark thoughts, sad old cat
we densities apart we don’t settle like blood
You can find me on the streets, where them Gs be at
I’m not playin’ but stay fly in my flight lane
your rhyme’s complexity better known as your rhymes lame
if you’s a player then you talking ’bout the wrong game
“A”for abyssinia “B” for the bitches saying

(Chorus: Ross)

(verse 4: Z?k aka Anonymous)
You can’t mess with this rap quartet
got the drive like a corvette
flows stays tighter than a corset
mudafucka don’t forget
just cuz of that imma stamp bhp across your forehead
i stay picky like a pair of forceps
got the flow like a faucet
we bring that real to your doorsteps
of course we on course yes
killing the game with no remorse
I aint been to court yet
above the law my crew lawless
praise to Allah and the Lord bless
whatever I put my hands on, all hands on deck
wreck shit stay reckless on records
bhp turning heads till they neck hurts
feel our shit its got the best texture yes sir
im being frank like sinatra keep your chakra open
hoping you prosper gotta stop the joking
its rap or die!

(Chorus: Ross)

( Ross)
For life we gon rap or die, see I must confess I love the way we getting high, this rap shit is a “do or die” (2X)

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  • loving this shit right here”i wanna a real rap shit for some blowmentation fellas

    rymio June 26, 2013 5:17 am
  • Dis shit has gat real sick flows, jst wish i had d chance to drop ma own ill flows too. Kip d game up bhp, u niggas are balling

    Fresh B July 22, 2013 4:57 am
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  • Mehn! Just listened to the track. Awesome! Guys like this make me feel my dream to make a change in the Nigerian music industry is worth dreaming about, I support the movement. Big ups guys. Aint wanna dick ride buh hey…? I de rap too nah how far? Loll

    Lhys May 19, 2014 4:57 pm
  • I Jes wanna spare a moment and pen a comment u guys are gud mehn.

    nolly cee January 30, 2016 9:49 am
  • i like it all but i wanna ask to be sure.

    …Can i edit it and make use of it or it has been used already.

    what i mean is dat… hope it not some musician’s song?

    plis reply me. thanks!!

    dj govnor a.k.a SheMan July 15, 2017 11:34 pm

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