Lyrics: Big Maxx – Kilo Fo Si (Remix) Ft. Vector, Ghetto P, Zee, Phenom

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Dakstic you crazy for this one

Its Upheaval

BigMaxx, Phenom, Vee E Cee and Ghetto is a beast and Zeee ee ee


Ki lo fo si

Ki lo ki lo fo si x4

Ta lon je be

Ta lon ta lon je be x4

Verse 1 Vector

They call me V E C and I go

Ki lo fo si

Am up North, but I never go down south

Wad up jozi

Shebi awon lo lo`shi

Beefing coz your girl on my nuts

Swallowing my eggs like Yoshi

Won be shebi awon mi Mario

Italian mafia kicks am so Lazio

Am high on the reefer like for God’s sake

Amma show you the deeper life damn /church/

Bury you dumb hoes

Put your backs in your backs like Umbro

I beat cat so big maxx repeat that

Tryna storm with me, then I split out

Your dad is a dumb guy  if hin think say  hin sun {son} rise

VEC would regretting that hin sunset

It’s going down

Even in death…Get it…even in death sun Set

Verse 2 Ghetto p

We only God damn it

But I feel like Ray Charles……till am close

To sinning but sinning wont make me proud

And I aint saying am perfect

I can say this loud

Ghetto is a beast

And a competition!! Take a map

Everything I touch blow up like a land mine

Ki lo fo si

Talk shit and fuck with

Must I remind you,am not the one to fuck with

Some when the money come

Nothing seems priceless

Until you realize what a bitch life is

Steady kicking ass lyrics, cash striping

Rap spitting

Why you think am crap spitting

One chief rocker

I beat the beat, doctor hit, hop with me

Poppas at the table, sit proper

The champion hand over the belt

Why envy a rapper am sick enough to get jealous of myself

Repeat chorus

Verse 3 zee

Yaw so many rappers on board but am a duster

I always make my rhymes stick like a poster

And if you meditating on my line

Spit the rhyme zeee, killing every track I guess am suppose to

I gat the pad dripping

I make the pen bleed

Because am dope with the flows they call me sea weed

Ki lo fo si

You rappers cant flow shit

I gat my lines tied to your neck till you cant breath

My flows are big max/ your flows are meanie small

You cant compare a small shop to those in city mall

If na beef to burst then yours gat weevil

Wack rappers trying to rule the game!!!! Why evils

Ya`ll think you bubbling, so am bursting

You spit trash, so you are gonna end up in a dust  bin

Stop bothering, your rhymes so sobering

Quit doing rap/phenom/ ki lo fo si

Verse 4 Phenom

It is a privilege to be on a track with Zee, Big Maxx, Ghetto P and V.E.C

Running this nmber

Your chick on my bumper

Like to recharge coz, I just used and dump her

Now kini big deal

Phenom is the big deal

And your girlfriend a big fan…windmill!!!

Am still ill for real, I spit real

They running outta flow they need a refill

\the difference Is clear, you cant compare

Big maxx with the flow Lyrical warfare

You say you fit In my shoes you gat the wrong pair

even with your Bluetooth on you cannot pair

rappers  want drama..amma bring you nnkan be

You cannot knock the hustle boy try the doorbell

Now ki lo fo si

Ogbeni oya ko si

And if you hating on the boy,  lo sun si nu posi

Repeat chorus

Verse 5 Big maxx

Ki lo fo si, e ko si, mo le wu bi poison

Mo sare ja won laya bi kosi

Shey o si, ti e fin hale bi akuko

Ikokuko mo kere but lori mic mo tosin

Thinking you are way too cool

Then am ice cold

I bet you never saw me coming…blind hoes

Efun mi ni mirror kin sa re show ara mi

Agbara yin o le ka mi

Ti e ba le mi eee le ba mi

Amma bounce

Sack ya`ll like a bag of rice

Forget your future you know my past Is kinda bright

Its break time, and these rappers gat no class

Am like the end of premiership …No match

Its funny how you still dig me

I wouldn`t buy even though, your talk is cheap

So ki lo fo shi

Knock you outta my check list

Fill up your  yansh mehn

Coz I aint nothing to mess with

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  • Big maxx verse

    ama boss, sack y’all like a bag of rice(u know boss sacks)

    last verse

    seal up ur yansh nt fill.

    Shout out to bigmaxx, making f.u.t.a proud.

    Damola May 21, 2012 7:50 am
  • Wot a track!superb dlivry by al.Bigmaxx kudos i fil u guy

    Ray July 19, 2012 11:03 am
  • Thanks a lot for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

    Daniel Beaulieu August 9, 2013 3:12 am

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