Lyrics: Billy Bandana – Street Mode

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You shot me down, (shey you don hear am)
I hit the ground. (na me do you)
You shot me down (ehh you been challenge na…) South south
Put your hands up
Am from the project so I knw what am talking about. (real talk)
Murda fucking street mode (Shey na Kaku na…) \
I told yall niggaz that i’ll be back in 95 una been think say na play wen I been dey talk am?
(if I catch you for the project I go rip your tongue out of your mouth.) Bandana (Mr. Without Prejudice)

Verse 1:
Super man with the ”S” on his chest, talk arrogantly to the cops with no fucking respect. If they like they arrest its obvious & well clarified that the street is the usual suspect. Any way we gat a scheme to protest,we gat to air our grievances to the whole world so them go help us join head, cuz reality is what we see today: sacrifice is what we tend to pay.
Any way na way, never listen to what critics would say.
Am from the gutter where everything dey smell, am too street credible that is why I focus
on doing well
(for real)
Street orientation, quality of a good advise.
If a nigga lose guard: na him drilling na im dey cause the fight.
Niggaz wondering if I be greenish or I be ice, arrogant militant distributing Kala merchandise.
Am from the south where Akpapa sef dey make noise
Agreement is agreement: for settlement no betray diz boys, cos them go shoot direct. Thiis no be flying bullet
Even if you wear selina your body go Kuku collect.
(selina & bullet proof,which one you go prefer?…. Choose One) South

Verse 2:
People talking militancy was a big crime, little do they know that making money was the program.
The street is hungry, ghetto youth ain’t finding it funny.
Unemployment is the problem that led niggaz to bunkery.
Before you go make any penny for sure, you gats carry Ak for creek wey get so many slots.
This thugLife sef na things we witness for our society
Government are greedy: they kept the poor masses filty.
We go kidnap all of them throway them inside Boro pit
We no need their money, we’re rich niggaz without counterfeits.
Na Billy Bandana, the unshakable activist.
I rep the south, reign in the west, shine in the east.
If no be as I pass, I for don repeat class, If no be my past, my future for no gree want come to pass.
Why you feel say them dey call me the natural birth?
It was proclaimed earlier before the day that this nigga was sent to this earth.
(winchy winchy the cry of a vulture,behold a new child is born)

Verse 3:
I cassette for street, niggaz now they play me for their deck
No cross your boundary enter my lane, dem go just break your leg.
Fame be like perfume important people spray, the fragrance no dey undergo diffusion so e no dey gree fade away.
The freedom of failure in trying brings in creativity, now boys they Wida eyes for south about the fuel subsidy.
Always kissing Mary Jane my Igbo chick without abuse: na the brain behind all my thought, ma intellectual genius.
Dem dey feel say this gay wey I dey kiss go lead me go astray,dem no know say na the love wey take ma trouble minds away.
Am rapping sincerely, fuck all y”all faithfully
Dey so formal, like application seeking for their glory. \
This rap game am fully committed: vow to the issue, ma album going multi platinum the scheme of ma virtue.
In the street we barely make it eating 3 square meal: sufferings & smiling, every ghetto in abject poverty.
The truth should be told to change the globe, don’t get it twisted na reality this is the murda fucking street mode.\

Shey una don hearam?
This goes to ma folks in the project: ma real niggaz, real people in the hood. TM boys,SK boys,: Rochi boys, Pills boys, Koke boys, Kalaku boys also.
Dope boys in the project, I appreciate all of y’all. (Gbaku)
I see you ma nizzle, real talk, true true
(south boy)

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