Lyrics: BJive – Victim

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Felas voice:
One thing I wanna assure dem, if they think I’m gonna change or compromise in my attitude in my way of life or in my expression or in my goal, they’re making me stronger , and I’m much more stronger, as a matter of fact I’m surprised that I’m so well…..

I’m a victim
I’m a victim
I’m a victim
Oh yeah

Enle o
Mo n juba
Emi naani
prophet Bjive
Tuale s’awon Temi to wa n sea side
Wan ro pe motiku nipe mo ti resign

But this time I come with real signs
Gba be
Mo le so pure water di red wine
Vino tinto
Ko i tii to
E je n ma Dalo ki brain mi le salo
Cos me i too dey think o
Reason t’apo mi fi gbe bi ti tinko

Wan ni mo n pariwo shei mo jo chinko
Ejo to pa tisha e wa fun mi ni visa
Ilu yi su mi sugbon mi le salo
Iya yi poju sugbon mi le salo
Salary spent on petrol and provisions
Two years rent plus agreement and commission

For a room and parlor
Gas too cost ti m ba fe lo Dana
Gast buy Porsche ti m ba fe lo d’ana
Ha, O da na
No be lie for this life I be victim
Not a victor just a victim
Victim of life, trapped in time

If you like the flow then you’re a victim of rhymes
When my flow go blow makes me a victim of time
And I’m just doing my time

La la la la la la la la la la la la

Santerebaa shirima sholama ya!
Emi n gun mi is what the pastor shouts
Bismi rabika mi rabika sha o
Book haram just hit another town
Ki lo ba de
Whether na Friday
Abi na Sunday
The sun still shine

Government still lying
My people still trying
A de lati survive
T’olopa ba mu e, o de n lati San bribe
That’s just the way it is
We never gon resist
We just bend over like olosho wey dey for streets

Nobody wan payin
They only want the cheese
It’s why I’m painting pics
Like say I be photo
Roads no good but we want buy motor
Gotta get it quick cos life short o
And That’s the motto

That’s how they preach it
Pastors flying all around in big P JETS
The blood’s what they selling on TV sets
If it’s all a game then where’s the reset
They said I need patience if I want good luck

But what did we get
Just regrets
We just victims
Of the system
We keep believing when we should evict em
We just victims
Nothing but a victim

La la la la la la la la la la la la

Attention! Old soldier!
You sef be victim of that gun wey dey your shoulder
How many you want kill boys are getting bolder
Fire in their eyes the nights are getting colder

Attention! Old soldier
Igboro Lori beat aboo ja
Ilasa la wa yi, the streets are taking over

So before you make a move, think it over, think it over , think it over
We taking over

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