Lyrics: Blaqbonez – One Song ft. Emeka

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Verse one (Blaqbonez):
Came into the game in real shock and amazement
Like Rap over money
Fuck all the fame and had the game locked down
Kinda like I got that nigga jaceon really trapped in his basement
Buh then, I didn’t have y’all listeners
Even though I kicked bars like sum pissed off prisoners
But I Record, with laptop, the results minimal
Buh I didn’t stop, aquarius, but y’all saw the gem in I (gemini)
Talking bout terry and pherroshuz….know this
The reason I am here’s cosa zombie
Forever I be grateful, jehova God made you
And put y’all in ma way too

Buh started kicking it maself, kinda like I had a clock be ticking in ma head
Niggas putting ideas in ma head like boogey be doing better
and you are just there
Yeah, really could cause a problem
Buh then, hating on the nigga wouldnt solve em
So I picked up the pen, am hitting the booth again
Imma do this till the end till am a fucking problem
He could be more popular
Am jes Waiting till all eyes on me like a binocular
Till I make a good name
And rock 50 chains, and I aint getting strangled I be rather toping in the food chain
Almost thought twas ma time up
Then a couple tracks with aq, cyrus
Godwon, suddenly couples bloggers could find us
I been here, you damn fucks
Cos I been Putting out ma best rhymes
Sick in the booth, I swear I ain nvr felt fine
Iono if I should be pissed off at ovie, or thank God that he posted ma shii for the 1st time!
About ma diss shii? That’s renovation
Taking the crap out, brought in innovation
I aint do it for attention, buh I got attention, yeah that’s a win win situation!

One song one song

Verse 2 (Emeka)
Emeka in the booth no be play
Spitting verse wey carry acid na him I base
E don tey I swear my doctor say I dey craze
I dey raise guns, baba na your voice you dey raise
I fall down buh I swear mehn I bounce back
King of the kini kon, I get ma crown back
Ma punchlines dey make boys dey scream ‘Ye Ye Ye’ like kim Kardashian sound track
I be king for this rap act
I be lion…. I swear una be lab rat
I fit kill , resurrect with the same verse
I dey scatter ground, like chicken wey wan lay egg
I swear I no be gud dude
I no be cool dude
I fit come your house snatch your adam apple, press your wife orange breast
I swear ma mission is fruitful

One song one song one song

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