Lyrics: BlaqBonez – Warning (Yung6ix Diss)

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Huh, this is one take i don’t care if i fuck up on it, huh yeah….

I’m just a big brother giving advice to a young one,
A bitch nigga you should be dancing waving ’em ……..
Wait wait, leggo again one more time
Alright huh here, see

I’m just a big brother giving advice to a young one,
You a bitch nigga you should be dancing waving ’em ponpons,
You’re the best i swear you aint shit,
Nigger you wack
You’re the hungrier version of illbliss,
As i spill this you should just listen with your eyes closed,
So you can get the picture while i’m rippin’ your entire flow, huh
I’m way better than you,
You been around for so long, you aint a veteran dude
Now you sit on the fence claiming a gee on a block,
You’re a gay bastard your whole crew that you fuck,
You don’t buy lil guns cos they shoot,
You buy little guns cos you hear that they cock,
Your flow suck
I feel electricity when i’m listening,
Cos i swear your stupidity came as a shock,
Quit the best rapper talk
Your rhymes is vague,
And your crew i punch on till your guards is late,
And if i catch you on a beat, you should ask dawg,
I swear it’s not a passport when i say i’ll snap your face,
Or i’ll snap his bones like an x-ray,

Fuck reverse stunning
I come through, we just fly
I leave them half running

Now you might say that you posted it for fun,
You aint sharp i’ll smoke you
Nigga mehn you blunt,
Nigga mehn you blunt, you aint sharp nicca….huh
When i spit,fact is: everything is classic,
Imma blow your mind, got a detonator beside me
Blow your brains on a dash
You can aim for the cash,
I bend your brains for the pass
And twist your neck in the back…
Nigeria’s best mehn even in the south,
Erigga would mug you and still put sand in your mouth,
Cyrus dismantle you,
Wack dawg
The fact is you could sleep with prostitutes- you won’t rise from the ashes…get it?
Rise from the ashes huh huh yeah….huh, yeah…
Nigga you should fucking run,
Bullets would pour from my belly
And that’s the tummy gun,
And here’s the fact, you wack mehn,
All i see, the brokeness in the record label called cashcamp,
You aint the man of the moment,
You never been a man, you a bitch in disguise…..

You a bitch inside
Man outside
This is, this is some mix stuff like *****
Fuck it, fuck it
This ain’t dissing, this is some warning shots
Fucking retard
Steal my line again and i’ll, i’ll end your career i swear
Quit saying shit
That modenine and m.i should be saying
Mehn fuck that, i had to reply that shit
Fuck y’all if you say it was unnecessary
Fuck you too
I could diss every motherfucking twitter account, tweet fight….
Ok i am just kidding
Culture don’t mix, don’t master
Just release that shit, let me drop it this night
You understand

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