Lyrics: Blazemac – Ill Truth

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Yauh. yauh
Pass me da mich yauh
See I got love for the street
Am here to speak the truth mehn
From the boof mehn

…And its your boi Blazemac !!!

Rapper nightmare yeah!

Mudafuker m ill

Verse 1
Either he’s an animal or maybe he’s a cannibal
Blaze is a beast, and east spitter from the terminal
Punch lines shifting mandibles when am rhyming doze
dummy knows, is why I’m all fresh in designer cloths
Chill, and I’m the next they gonna feel
blazing tracks looking for the next one to kill
see, I was cursed by this earth, that’s why I’m feeling so ill
I got the Mic in my hand, these rappers are all meals
and I can still make you wonder like steven do
i’ve been a player from the base, ball like Fleet would(wood)been praying to God hoping he can see me through
live a better life, that’s what my momma wanna see do
they say practice makes perfect, so I worked hard
I quit school, taking pictures, drawing down my bar charts
had to pay my dues, my blood was what it cost me
taste my thought and you would see its so disgusting
this is it, I hope hip hop gonna bear me right
cos what I spit is so real, and I barely write
see, I’m on a steady ride, heading for un bearing height
don’t dare me guy, cos I’ve been the nightmare in your scary night
behind the Mic I’m evil, my flows can not be sterilise
I’m incomparable, these other rappers even can’t deny it
i multiply regardless,I’m on it,with multies,I’m heartless,my utterance are cut lass.. Murfucker m ill!

Verse 2
I never left, I was behind where the mic stood
learning all night in the studio, that was my school
Taking notes, jacks down, even the Mic’s rule
Nigga I had a bad step, you can’t walk in my own shoes
life’s a bitch and a bitch is an enemy
the world said he was crazy, no one was ever friend of he
now the son set(sunset), what the f*** you all telling me
cos I’m a god of my own, you all better be afraid of thee
cos my mind made just that same night
I swear I’ve been running this game with the same mic
its blazemac, I’m illy
this is for your sons and daughters, they gonna feel it!!!
Put me on a track, put me on.. What ever, what ever, in good weather, I swore imma do better, I’m too clever, shii, I told you niggas that I’m too dealer, iller, I mean sicker.. Shii..
Do I sound like Kendrick Lamar? Hahaha.. S/o to ma nigga meek miller.. Shii, You all know!!!

Motherfucker I’m ill!

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