Lyrics: Bola Abimbola – Obe Soup ft. Paul Play

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[Paul- V1]
My Jesus BIG, I no dey lie
Who no know Am, hear am for my mouth
Enemies come tanda block my way… My Jesus scatter dem away!
Many mountains gidigba for my front … Oga Jesus level am comot..
Joyfulness sidon for my house o
Blessings sidon my work.

ObeSoup 2x
My life is sweeter than ObeSoup
My life is sweeter than Obesoup..Yeh

Oya Poverty, Carry am go!
I no know you before,
carry your load ooo!
Oya failure, carry your load!
Holy Spirit tanda for my back!
Hey.. hey.. hey Carry am o!
Pack your sickness oya pack your sadness..
Carry your bad luck oya carry your sorrow.
Rock of ages dey gidigba for my back!

[Repeat Chorus] [Bola-V2] Chai!I have a Father who never fails,
Dem dey call Am Jehovah Jireh!
Everything I touch Him hand dey,
I dey too blessed to be stressed.
uuunnnh!Chineke God You too much o!
Na You dey fall satan hand o..
If no be You, who I for be?
Light wey You shine NO dey Die!

[Chorus/Call&Resp.] Oya pack am, run o! Carry am go!
Satan you don miss road , pack your load o!
Okpara Chineke Baba butter mi bread yeeh.. eh! … Hey!
I say take your depression carry am go!
Heeeey..heeeey.. Carry am oo.
Heeeey… Kiakia ! Take am, pack am, Pack your load ooo!
Darkness and light no fit be friend eeeeeh.
I NO go welcome you here,
Comot for my house!

[Repeat Chorus] [Bridge] Heeeey thank you Lord Jesus You dey sweet my bele o…
Heeeey my life is so sweeter pass Obesoup eeeh..!

[Under Chr 2x] (E sweet mi better 2x.. See ooo..
(My life is sweeter, I don dey stronger.. See me ooo)

[Interlude/Adlibs…e.t.c] [Call/resp] Paul-Problem(I No know you before), carry your load o!2x
Bola-I no get business with you comot for my life..
-I no go welcome you here, comot for my house.. Eeeeh carry am o
Paul -Holy Spirit tanda for my back oo..
-Rock of ages tanda for my back..

…Oya oya..carry am..take am..pack am..pack am.. chorus..END.

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