Lyrics: Boogey – 5am in Lagos

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Verse I:
You underestimated greatly
All of them gonna be saying you were the greatest at your wake-keep
Nobody was there to back you up, it’s evidently late gee
Thinking bout it just cracks me up, I never let it break me
Still I’m behind the mic, yelling “pay me man, I’m broke”
Told you I’m hungry man, that’s why I’ve long been aiming for that GOAT
Horns of a demon growing now that I’ve broken my halo
What should I do different, sing or rap in broken like Yaylow?
Money’s either the way or it’s causing a strong diversion
So I’m pissed off that y’all pissed off that Modo has gone commercial
Don’t see how it could hurt ya
You want real rap from ill cats? Yeah you feel that, but do you help disperse it?
Commercial? Mistake that shit for a music genre.
Saying boogey dude’s a monster, but he’s gotta stoop to conquer.
“We no understand your flow, we taya sef”
You say that, but you scream when a foreigner raps in a dialect, none of our buyers get

Verse 2:
Good music speaks for itself, that’s kinda hard to understand, now it’s looking like a complex maze
If it really does, why’s it on the shelf, and tell me why we gotta beg, before our songs get played
I’m bout to jump, let’s pray, my leap of faith, will take me up at a cheaper rate
Not take everything I’ve got, and leave me in a deeper place
Y’all acting like gods, only one God got me
And if I fail to succeed then he prolly forgot me
MI did what y’all afraid to do
He reached out to a brother but you turned me down, even when I came to you
I skipped a couple of hurdles, I’m coming for your spots.
I’ll take everything, I’ll even pull them honeys off your cocks.
To all my honeys on the block from Nigeria, Ghana, West Africa to the rest of Africa
Wanna hop on my Excalibur?
I’m grateful for the online buzz and compliments
But if I may say this (Mercedes), It ain’t buying my mum a Benz
That one depends, on my ability to stack paper
Facing odds on the crap table, asking God for one last favour
A storm coming and nobody safe
You created a beast with memories you cannot erase
Be afraid man, you better be afraid
Ain’t no love, Romeo died and he was laid beside Aaliyah’s grave
Break a leg, but don’t die in the hip-hop military
I hope they will cheer (wheel chair) anybody with this ability (disability)
If y’all ain’t listening I might just give up willingly
It’s the only way I am going down, nobody killing me.
Even with a spear to my Achilles heel, I’m standing
I just hope they will cheer anybody with this ability

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