Lyrics: Bridge – Shake It For Daddy ft. Yung

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Hook – (Bridge)

1st Verse (Bridge)

I burn cash, no come last
I need direction and babe your booty na compass
I don pass, rocking my sunglass
A playa no loving baby na 1 chance
I’m chilling on an illy pilly thing
You know tonite I’m finna brag I’m feeling pretty vain
Looking fly from my feet to my nitty gritty chain
I’m with your girl chop it up she doing silly things
Omo mehn top it up she blew me in a Range
The top is off popping up like money ain’t a thing
See my whip see your whip, Koboko no be cane
Copy cat what I do she wanna do the same

2nd Verse (Yung)

Oya shake it for daddy
Oya shake it for mummy
Make i see you dance shaky shaky for money
All the girls in the party..wanna show me their bobbies
They wanna get into my pants, wanna play with my lolly
Bad guy ..they know me
They checking my status they wanna clone me
Older women for town they wan bone me
So im hitting up toolz …we should be homies
Listen baby i fit give you a chance
Dem dey see me when i land na me get all the hands
If you shake it for me well imo throw you some bands
Sho fe ba mi lo le to meet the snake in my pants

3rd Verse – (Bridge)
Wey the rizzla , wey the rosay
Light the sparkler waiter make them know say
I’m in here omo you wan chop
I’m p square , now chale wussup ,
LOS we dey vex dey go
Them’a run there mouth we dey run the show ,
I bought a Lex just to flex and a Benz to pose,
Bought a Lex for sex pull up next to hoes
Slim chicks ma nigga say na lepa ,
My chain dey bring light ma nigga no be Nepa
I ball like damn man I fit no see tomorrow
You ball like man damn na money wey you borrow
Monowo Nowo

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