Lyrics: Brymo – Now Now ft. Jesse Jagz

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Life is good now
My girl she wants me more now
Even sweet now
Ontop that’s good now
I dey live for city now
Get plenty chocolaty now
So happy now

Stop to dey frown now
Wahala go go now
Oluwaaaa don locate me now now
Every thing that we do now
Even in the news now now
Like a criminal breaking the rules now
Shuttt dowwwwn the party get the people going crazy now now…
noowww noowww …
And nooow now today
noowww now I pray for me for you
Everything that you now now
Noowww now
Noooww now today
Noowww now
I pray
For me for you
Everything that you do noowwww now
Nooow now
Nowww now

Life is good now
Ojumo m’on shey re now
Spread ur wing now
Don’t act a fool now
Shey won ti soro now
A de ti jeun soke now now
A bother now
Won ko’n lori won now
Let’s have some drinks now
Dance away your sorrows now
Oluwwaaa don locate me now now
Everything we dey do now
Even in the news now now
Like a criminal Breaking the news now
Shut down the party get the people going crazy now now
Nooowww now
And noooww now
Today noooww now I pray for me for you
Everything that u do now now
Noooww now
nooow noww
Todayy noooww noww I pray for me for you and everything that you do now now
Nooooww now

Jesse jagz- rap

Freshner now
Fabric…she feel the texture now..
Yeah the shits magic..
Selection yeah I got it
Pleasure that’s the habit
Down to my sneakers..march it
All of them girls be the same
Fashion..swagging…that’s my passion
Very soon official in stores
But this shit gon feel special no more
Feeling the pressure like never before
But a niggas soon forever be called
I pressing forward
And amma keep doing my thing
Keep spitting nonstop
My illusions keen
And they gon hear me out
When the lights go out they cheer me hear out
Or they gon hear me

And nooww now
Today nooow noow I pray for me for you
And everything that you do nooww now
Nooww now
And now now
Todayy noooww noww I pray for me for you and everything that you do noowww nooww
Nooowww now


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