Lyrics: B’sala – Aregbesola

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titles=b sala aregbeshola1]


Osun state ‘ilu baba mi, [ko ni baje o eh !] Lola Olorun ko baje o [koni baje o eh] Aregbesola, je nrowo sola,
Aregbesola, Oluwa je nrowo sola……..

Verse 1
Won fe ma ba mi lole to see where I come from;
Osun state ilu baba mi koni baje o eh;
oro nla mbe ninu mi oro mo de maa so o;
ibi l’ojumo ti nmo wa I think u know;
ile baba omo ni ki mba omo leru o eh;
akisa mi l’aso ibora awon ota mi o eh;

I am so delighted;
nobody can destabilize e;
Osun people united;
ilu baba mi o eh.

(Repeat Chorus)

Osun state…..

Verse 2
In case u know;
my answer no be ‘No’;
e fiile koma jo; this beat go make u go down low;
Oshogbo ilu agba;
nobody can touch me, mo ni baba;
ibi l’ojumo ti nmo wa I think u know eh;

I am so delighted…… (2ce)

(Repeat Chorus:….)

Verse 3
Osun state where I come from;
arowo sola;
eh! a r’omo sola!
Eh Aregbesola, Aregbesola! Aregbesola eh!

I am so…..

(Repeat Chorus )…….

Na me B’sala……

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