Lyrics: BuGsi – The 4 HorseMen Ft. Tito Brown, Efe

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[Intro- Tito Brown]
Duktor Sett on the mix, Tito Brown, Efe, BuGsi, Jtown stand up.. You don start dey record? I been wan do plus the intro. Okay make I just.. Make I just..

[Verse 1- Tito Brown]
I can’t imagine that we making it here
They hating me, yea, I’m touring the path that I chose (I chose)
Specially trained to fly We into outer space
we up in the air, Clouds as my clothes (my clothes)
I came back like withdrawing from sex
We nothing but blessed, High, you could swear that we coals
But we go on, Tell a nigga ‘so long’
Dope shii prescribing- This here is ma dose
Eff with me one time Now I’m coming again
Mad bars like an asylum- You would swear I’m insane
We consuming fake rappers On top of the rap chain
I undertake y’all fuckers- I be nothing like Kain
We turn ya’ll to ashes- last name Cole
And we be starting at the front, My position is pole
You pussy cat classified Like ur name was Nicole
You better stand aside cos I’m on a suicide role
Yea, about to blow, No stop and no pause
Four headless horse men, So terrifying
We spit action words and no clause
My rise was undefined But now it’s clarifying

[Verse 2- Efe]
I don come back.. Make dem park well (no be lie!)
Either them fetch the water or them pack well
No dey form. We in the house, you be house help
Even your girl tells me you no dey nack well
Emini Django, the “D” is silent
I dey take what I want whether na with violence
I no need your help, no need reliance
Only Efe dey cause them make them form alliance
If I say I sweet I mean say I see shit
No be the one wey rappers take dey form shit
I mean the one wey water sef no fit flush it
I mean floor shit.. So no dey talk shit
Hmmn.. Music na my best girl so
I no send if I leave my dick inside her cockpit
If I die, music go die, so you know
Say My grave go deep deep pass the 6 feet.
No be lies, mehn, listen to me,
As I come in this place I must visit to you
Nna mehn.. I am sicken to me
I mean say my bars sef dey sickening to me
You dey serious dey write bars, me dey flex now
I know say others don drop their own
But I no send their own cos my own be the best now
Their fada! Eazymafault they call me Efe

[Verse 3- BuGsi]
When I speed and spit it *chik it chik it* niggas freakin know
Imma wreck it, check it, break it with my freakin’ wicked flow
BuGzilla, man, I’m lyrical sick,
Egotistical rapper with the mystical dick!
Yo, kick, snare, kick, kick, kick, snare
Ask which rapper’s got the biggest dick in here
Spit shit discreet, I spit shit clear
Just wait a few bars- imma switch these gears..look..
I ain’t here to rap about how much I’ve got riches
wanna show y’all I’m so sick- my blood itches
I don’t rap to get the girls, no, fuck bitches
Gimme a busty slut that cooks and does dishes!!
Flow is the wickedest, wickedest, it’s ridiculous
Nigga, cos we conspicuously fucking up the beat with this
We spitting through the speakers- be giving you some epiphanies..
Look, I’m outta this world- I’m prolly from venus
Bitch, I’m the shit- I’m the shit from uranus
Best of the best, nigga, yes I am
B.U. To the G. To the S.I… damn
Call me BUGZILLA, the rap Godzilla
The Microphone beast, bitch, microphone killer,
Villain that you feel in the building, ceiling, the pillar,
Illest rapper on the planet.. Ain’t nobody iller, nigga!!

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