Lyrics: C.I.N, Mystic – Fragile Cover

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(C.I.N’s Verse)
What is see now is the Sunset
Please Baby Girl don’t be Upset
Please take me out of the Trauma
Somebody please tell me it’s a coma
Can’t Believe how I lost it all
Was it cos I wanted more?
Than I should have
Bought you flowers
Made your Bed and we laid
Everything that you wanted to hear
Girl I said
How come now we twisted like a Braid
Let me take you Back to the past
Before you broke this heart like a Glass
You promised to give me good love
Care and shelter
Say that you will be there in any weather
But now your my sadness
Cause you put me through distress
Took away my heart now I’m heartless
Almost choked to death, left me Breathless
And I’m wondering
Could it be that you’re joking
Could it be that I’m Hallucinating
Cause I see that we fading.

(Mystic’s Verse)
Give me back my heart
Got to go restart
The ammendment of the Heart
You tore apart
No longer a part
Of the same heart you had the biggest part
Had the biggest part
First it was distance
Now she’s saying emotions ain’t mutual
Made this ritual
Sacrificed my heart, Sacrificial Love
Never wanted to get involved
Till I found myself drowned in love
Always apologising, even when you wrong
Wish you could right your wrong
The way I write my songs
I’m still holding on cos the Bond is strong

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