Lyrics: C-Max – Hustle ft. Ruddy Tee

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titles=HUSTLE c-max ft ruddy t]

Am just hustling
Trying to get this paper
People will be hating
I don’t understand this cuz
Am hustling all this paper (paper)
Am just hustling all this paper (paper)

time na money
No dey waste mine
Stacking some more
So am always on my grind
I don’t speak so I watch my money just talk a lot
When am on the street paparazzi come take a shot
Young man enuf swag
Too much money things
I don’t smile around
Till I bank it in
My hustle is ever green
Rolling with the winning team
Record after record watch my money just pill in
Am the goods
Am the services
Money transfer
That’s how I get it
The boy is sick and he flow so sicker
Mr hustle up let’s get that paper
Can’t lose my grip on this hustle
You can’t never knock my hustle
You can’t never knock my hustle

Verse2 – Ruddy t:
Mo je wu nlo
Accounti mi ti won
I look good
Won ni mon lo ma wu
Mim me ye to gbe yin nu so ro
Me chio nu
E kin gbo ro
No hating bro cuz I make doe
I work so hard so so let me spend my ego
Mo ti se de de
Ma ni time ti je ye
Te ba de ti shi ta
E ko is no

E ti mo me me
Wo ti gbe mi so oba is lomo
E le pe mi omo mummy
Se mo pe fila oya to si tommy
I gat more cash more than atm
O po lo mi cacu more than system
Time is money
Money on my mind
Mo le sa lo fun yi
I will still hold my grind!

C-MAX: verse 3
Hustle up if you making this doe
Banking it up and spend some more
Se you know say time e no dey oh yeah (2x)

Gat an appetite for this paper (3x)
Paper paper
If you careful I go take your paper
If you no careful I go take your paper
If you no careful I go take your paper
paper paper

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